Writing a Guide on How to Get Rich in the Game - Please Contribute!


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Jun 24, 2003
Writing a Guide on How to Get Rich in the Game - Please Contribute!

Hey, Everyone,
How's it going? I am in the midst of writing a guide about how new players can accumulate wealth in the game. I returned to the game about five weeks ago following a hiatus since 2002, and had a difficult time in the beginning. Fortunately, by using my old methods of transmuting charms and trading, I have gotten fairly rich.

Is there currently a guide of any sort for new multiplayer players on how to get rich in the game? Sometimes, it is incredibly hard for new players to get into the game when it seems to them that people all around them are richer than they may ever be.

I used the same methods of getting rich this time around as I did back in 1.09: transmuting charms and trading. Whereas most people seem to magic find, I have never been one to do a lot of PvM, as I am for the most part a (legit/honorable) PvP player. Although I have done a lot of Mephisto runs and such, I have not been able to get any good items; this could be because I have barely over 100%MF from my gear =P

Transmuting grand charms almost purely from gems I picked up on my own has gotten me a lot of nice charms, including about eight Paladin Combat charms (I traded each for about 13 high runes). Trading has helped a lot, as I buy low and sell high often - for example, I traded a total of 35 high runes for two +9 Energy Shield Memory (runeword) Staff on two separate trades and go over 100 high runes worth of items back for those two staves.

So, how do you accumulate wealth in the game? Is it from magic finding? Trading? Transmuting grand charms? I know there are people who pay for services, such as helping them level characters up and such, in the Trading Forum, and I know some people get rich in that way as well.

Is there a "guide" of sorts for this? If not, I would like to write a guide on a variety of ways that new players can accumulate wealth. If you can help me out, I would appreciate it and would be more than happy to thank you in the guide if appropriate. Any suggestions, input, and experience regarding where you are at today in regards to wealth would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
-=MaStA ViC
There is a good somewhere in the community forum or the newcomer forum about building wealth on ladder.

Personally, I think that gathering keysets is a decent way to get rich in the game...
Here's how I gained my wealth:
1. GC rolling-a lucky roll could net you a few dozen runes
2. MFing-meh. I just use MFing to find stuff to trade for PGems so I can roll GCs. :laugh:
Every once in a while though, you get a decent find.
3. Trading-I keep an eye out for good deals. Keep in mind the relative worth of items, and use that to your advantage.
4. MOOCHING-self-explanatory
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