Wondering about a hydra sorc...


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Aug 29, 2004
Wondering about a hydra sorc...

Im bored with my light sorc, alas i only got her to lvl 74... now I wanna make a good pvp hydra sorc. Anyone got any tips,dueling strategies or ideas? I have a few of my own, but I wanna get more perspective.
DevilsWrath said:
Im bored with my light sorc, alas i only got her to lvl 74... now I wanna make a good pvp hydra sorc. Anyone got any tips,dueling strategies or ideas? I have a few of my own, but I wanna get more perspective.

Get alot of skillers.

10 Fire Skillers+ Anni
2 From Helm
2 from Weapon
2 from Armor
1 from Belt
2 from Rings
2 from Ammy
1 from Magefists
1 from BO

should give you 3883-4338 Fire Damage, not bad. In addition you get 10-11k fireball.

20 Hydra
20 Fire Mastery
20 Fireball
20 Firebolt

If you want to go into mid 90s, you can also go ES.
How does Hydra work?

Hydra, is a three headed firey dragon, that appears from the ground where you cast it.
from the three heads, it fires bolts of fire at any monster or target with in range.

Duration 10 seconds.
Active Duration 8 seconds.
Casting Delay 2 seconds.
Maximum number of fire bolts fired 24 in total, 8 from each head.
Total rate of Fire 3 fire bolts per second.
Range Approximately 9 yards (3/4 of screen at 800 x 600 res)

Basically, when you cast a Hydra, it takes one second to animate and begin working. It then begins firing at any available targets. It then will fire at any targets for 8 seconds, before taking one second to disappear. Combined with the casting delay, this means that you can have up to 5 Hydra’s on screen at any one time, but only 4 of them will be active at any one time.

An extract from my hydress guide.
Where is the Hydress guide? There are a couple of threads 'bout it in the last couple of days but search does not find a guide.
My current pk character is a hydra sorc.
Fire Mastery
Fire Ball
Fire Bolt
Get at least 1 pt in energy shield

All vita if you can.

Items I use:
+2 Sorc//+30Str//+20Res All Circlet
+3Fire Skills//+3 Hydra//+1 Chilling Armor (adds about 2k defense) Orb With a 5/5 Fire DIE (Does more damage than a 3//25//-5 eld orb)
Ethereal Bugged Monarch with 4*5/5 Fire Facets
120ed Spider
10*Fire Gcs (I need more with life tho :D)
9*20//11 res small charms
20//15//10 anni
Boots with +18 Strength
6/6/x Crystal Sword CTA//Lidless (get the extra skill :D)
Magefist Gaunts

As for Amulet//Armor
I have 2 options:
Perfect (15%ed +775 Defense) Archon Enigma /w +2 sorc//30 str//other mod ammies


+3 Fire//90 Life ammy /w Mage Enigma

In using these items, my Hydras do 54xx damage. That damage is for each head that each hydra has (each casted hydra has 3 heads).

As for duelling. I usually make a "Box" with my hydras, or a square...where i stand directly in the middle of it. No matter what goes on outside the box, i just keep casting so that the box of 4 keeps itself there. This way, When melee comes to attack you, they cannot outrun the hydras and hit you, they must take some damage. And for you people who cannot calculate damage:

4*Casted Hydras*3 Heads Per Hydra = 12 Hydra Heads * 54xx Damage = Minimum 64 800 Damage, if all hydras hit at once....which...if u make a somewhat tight box...happens very often.

The only time ive ever had a problem with melee....besides absorb of course....was a barb today who had +90 fire resist....with every other melee character, i dont have to move...and even if they tele right in the middle of my box and ww me once...i have over 3k life...and energy shield to back me up as well...and so i usually end up with at the very minimum with 2000 life left. The barb with 90 fire resist...i had to move around a bit..tele around...but it still killed him after only about 5 passes...

As for casters....you must play a mind game with them. You have to cast a hydra, or a group of hydras, in a far corner of your screen...and then either lure them to it...or chase them towards it....chase them with fireball...and theyll often tele right beside it...
1 Hit against 99% of casters kills them.

If you would like more info...or would like to see this bihotch....just lemme know.

Thanks for bothering to read this :p
I'm not really that skilled with hydra sorc's. But I'd get as much -%fire res as possibly (from facets). Like a 6*5/5 crystal sword or something. And the tacticts I'd use would be:
summon LOTS of hydras on the map, and then stay out of ur opponents way. If you have enough -%fire res 1hit by a hydra will "stun" ur opponent and then, if you have enough hydras around the place where he/she get hit, you'll win :xsmile4:

But be prepared to meet lame absorbers. A rising sun and just a little stacked res would be enough to absorb all the dmg you make with hydra
Qualto, your strategy would not work.

With hydras cast randomly on the map...they would most likely only be hit by one at a time....and therefore...they will get hit by one...maybe just one...and then be able to outrun it....you must make it impossible for them to outrin the hydras....thats the only way to fight melee....

And its MUCH better to use an orb such as mine...or an eld orb...than a 6*5/5 fire faceted crystal sword etc...that IS -30 resists....but....just get a wand with charges of level 2 lower resist...and that will lower their resists by 37...which is more...although...i wonder...

if you had a 6*5/5 faceted weapon on switch....if u cast the hydras with ur regular weapon...and then switched it....would it be -30 res? or do you have to cast them with the -30 res weapon already out? im pretty sure u have to cast it with it out...which...would be a HUGE waste of 6* facets (that would make you a monarch, shako, and your regular 1 socket eld orb//magical weapon)

As for the absorbers....using just a rising stun with not too much stacked res...still wont do a whole lot against a good hydra sorc. You would have to have maximum fire resists...as well as LOTS of absorb.

Just my thoughts.
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