Wind Rabies -- Does a guide exist


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Jun 24, 2003
Wind Rabies -- Does a guide exist

This is a windy druid that uses Rabies as a secondary kill spell. I'm playing him in SP now to see how well he'll do. Basically, I'm cutting my defense and running a better offense. So less points in CA and OS. So I can put points into Rabies. Also, I'm playing Twinked, even though this might work untwinked so long as you had a Carrion Wind Ring.

20 Hurricane
20 Tornado
20 Rabies
20 Twister - Eventually
1+ Cyclone Armor
1 Oak Sage
1 Grizzly
1? Fury (Probably not)
1 Solar Creeper from the Delerium Pelt

Trang's Gloves
Delerium Pelt
Enigma Armor/Bramble Armor trying to decide
Aldur's Boots
Death's Web Wand with a shael
3 socket Troll Nest with 3 Poison Facets
HotO with a Splendor Shield
Arachnid's Belt (I thought about Trang's Belt too)
Carrion Wind
Sephrah's Ammy
Wedding Band
Never heard of one.

I think people find it tedious to switch between forms to cast spells and switch back to do rabies..

But if you can come up with a workable guide then definitely post it up. The Druid Forum would be grateful!
~Kazama Fury~ said:
didnt someone else write another guide a few weeks back without knowing about legacyquest.


That's what I was looking for. I was thinking of putting a guide together, I've done them before, but I wanted to make sure that one didn't exist.

The transforming back and forth is less distracting than you'd think. Especially in Hell level, where its hard enough to kill things, especially if they are immune to your damage.
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