Win7/Norton/ATMA problem


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Jul 2, 2003
Win7/Norton/ATMA problem

Hi everybody. Back to D2 from a long hiatus.

I have just installed D2/LOD on my new box with Windows 7. Got patched up to current from Battlenet. Looks a little funny on a 1650x1080 screen but I can live with it.

I have always been a single player type of guy, and ATMA was my savior. Unfortunately now I cannot run the ATMA installer, Norton is blocking it as a security risk.

Does anyone know what is causing this? Is ATMA actually a security problem now, or is there something else I need to do to get it running?

For that matter, is ATMA talk still allowed on these forums?

Re: Win7/Norton/ATMA problem

You're using Norton. There's your problem.

I'm not actually joking here, Norton is just about the worst "protection" software out there. It causes more harm than good.
Re: Win7/Norton/ATMA problem

/Agree on Norton bein more buggy than a nest of ants.

Also, talk on ATMA is allowed, though it's a Single Player topic more or less.
Re: Win7/Norton/ATMA problem

Norton is not the only antivirus software that mistakenly flags the ATMA installer, though.
Re: Win7/Norton/ATMA problem

Thanks guys. I got it running now. Although the display stretches D2 to fill the full widescreen, which makes it look a little funny. Haven't solved that yet but can live with it.

Briefly tried to install GoMule but couldn't get it working. How can it be better than ATMA, which does everything I need perfectly?
Re: Win7/Norton/ATMA problem

There's an entire Sticky on the subject in the SPF but in short, GoMule is:
  • cross platform
  • has far more search features
  • allows for projects so you can have your HC stuff in one view, SC in another etc
  • has Flavie in built
  • has the drop calc in built
As for stretching your screen, if you have an NVidia card, check the settings in the manager. I had the same problem until I found the setting.

Welcome back.
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