Why should i start a zon?


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Mar 16, 2006
Why should i start a zon?

I have colected some amazon items for some time now.. And i was thinking about starting one..But can you make a good zon without paying more that 4 ists? I was thinking about a javazon 'cuz they seem to own in chaos runs ^^
With the current ists price, 4ists aint much. Javazons are very good in Chaos runs, if they have Infinity merc. If they dont have it, it will be hard, because there are many light immunes in Chaos Sanctuary.

But you could make a cheap javazon for Cowrunning, and it will rule cows even without Infinity. Get Razortail belt for piercing, non-eth titans, Ravenfrost for 'cannot be frozen, + some manaleech. Max Lightning Fury + synergies, pierceskill to 69% after +skills items, 1pt in valkyrie and you are good to go.
Why should i start a zon?
That's an easy one. It's all about the pretty blond ponytail.

Anyway, if you want a good cheap character, Javazons fit the bill. I've beaten Hell solo while still wielding the starter javs you get upon character creation. Good safety, thanks to D/A/E/Decoy/Valk/Slow Missiles. Good damage thanks to Charged Strike, Lightning Fury, and Pierce. Solid secondary attacks thanks to Freezing Arrow, Strafe, Jab, and Plague Javelin. Cheap to build, cheap to gear, easy to beat the game with.

If you want something that can solo all areas in under 5 minutes on Players 8, then you're going to need to spend some money acquiring some serious gear, but if you're just looking for something that can be as powerful as possible on a limited budget, Amazons fit the bill nicely.

If you want something that can solo all areas in under 5 minutes on Players 8, then you're going to need to spend some money acquiring some serious gear..

Even on hell??
I gave away my "super" titans (190ed, 6ll, eth) to a friend after he was hacked, mostly 'cuz i couldent sell them anyway XD. But will Thunderstroke work? 'cuz i have them on a mule ^^
Thunderstroke is good, though titan is better. Just start with that and see were you can take her. If needed, get a titan, doesn't cost much.
Do people even use Bowazons? All I hear about nowadays is javas

What is your definition of a bowazon? One that uses a bow with any skill or one that uses a bow with a certain skill? I see bowazons everywhere, some using WF, some using Faith. Some use strafe, some use multi, some use freezing arrow. I have a level 90 (or 91, can't remember now, it's been a while since I took her out) that uses strafe and freezing arrow. I use her for Baal runs, since she adds much to the party with the freezing arrow skill maxed. FA damage can be incredible at those levels. I call her a bowazon.

frost madien -max fa and cold arrow... massive cold dmg
magezon - max fire and cold arrow trees not so massive but dual element
strafe - max strafe and lots of ias and ctc (atmas :rolleyes:) very cool very very workable with wws
multi - more bow relant than strafe but very workable
GA - pvp only here (just doesnt do the dmg to take hell)
magic arrow - for the crazy/stupid (hem or superdave...)

all bowies in my book...
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