Why Block?


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Nov 10, 2006
Why Block?

I've thought through this whole thing, and I have a serious question. With characters like FC Bears, why IS block necessary? I mean, with a 4-frame attack, a 11+ frame block isn't going to help anything, especially if it occurs 70% of the time.

I can somewhat understand PvP, as you aren't just trying to run up and tear everything to shreds in that case. There's obviously some strategy involved, and waiting is likely to be a part of that strategy. This means that a high % to block will be necessary.

But with PvM, why not go for a shield that boosts your other statistics or just provides a lot of Resistance? I obviously can't forego Dexterity either way, as my AR will be nonexistent and then I'm screwed.

Thanks for your opinions!
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