Whoa, weird connection issue.


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Nov 3, 2006
Whoa, weird connection issue.

I had that "Your IP address has been temporarily banned" message, or however it goes. But i just got one i havent seen - "Unable to connect to Battle.net" before i ever get to the login screen. The only time i have seen this is when i didnt have internet at all, but i do since im on this website.

I was magic finding and when i left the game it kicked me off to the main screen, and i get this message every time i try to click Battle.net.

Should i be worried?
na, its just another form of being temp banned
it should clear up in about 5-10 minutes
Also It's a good idea not to push it and test it every three minutes. Let it go and come back after 20 min or so, I've had a couple cases where I'm positive that my constant checking on the ban lead to it's increase. == was cut off the bnet for like 12 hours or so :shocked: :undecided: :cry:
I think that's purely random, it's just the old watched pot thing.
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