Who drops keys?


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Jun 22, 2003
Who drops keys?

Countess, Nilithiak and whose the third? Thanks, just blanking on this ;)
Haha, when I re-read my post, I realized the two I had been thinking of were actually the Summoner and nith, I was having trouble coming up with the Countess, but I mentioned her in my first one. Looks like it was on the tip of my tongue :smiley:

Thanks for the help, off to find me some keys...

Good lucky with Nilly.
Those tomb reavers aren't though.
nithy is by far the easiest/quickest for me...

and safest... does that make sence? :undecided:
If I can get myself a Nature's Peace (so should not have traded the one I found) then nithy will be the easiest. However, till then ce ftl.
i mean any assa that cant run nithy safely is a very bad assa...
theres something about running down there, casting cos, LS and then constant recasting of DS that makes it so easy :laugh:
Dondrei said:
Stacked poison resist or something? I've only been down there once since the patch.
Their poison clouds also deal physical damage by the frame. However, it appears you only receive damage while walking around in the clouds; if you stand still, you'll receive little damage. The way to avoid the damage is to avoid walking/running in the clouds, or wear PDR gear. A char that can teleport can obviously do the first option with ease.
If they charge you and bat you around, does that count as moving?
I don't know. I haven't had that happen to me much since my hammerdin usually teleports past them without much incidence. The few times they did manage to get a charge off me, I was out of there before they knew it. I would log on right now and let those snakes play ping-pong with my hammerdin for a bit, but B.Net is acting up right now.
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