which merc for a blizzard sorc

I like my Act 2 Defiance Merc... he works well.
Eth Crown of Theives
Eth Stone Great Hauberk
Eth Bonehew (Amns)
You pretty much have 3 options - act 5 barb, act 2 might, or act 2 defiance.

The act 5 barb isn't a good decision because, unless you have a very good weapon (ebotd), the act 2 might merc will do more dmg and tank just as well. Then, you just have to decide between might and defiance. They will both tank just as well because the defiance merc won't get hit, and the might merc will leech more. What it comes down to is: do you want a higher defence (the sorc itself) or a merc that does more damage. I would take the higher damage merc.

*note that this is all imo*
ok. i went with a might merc. now i need to get him some decent equip. what armor and weapon would I be able to trade for with pgems? and how many will it take?

thanks for the help
Buy Duriel for start, ethereal if possible... It usually goes for 9-15pgems....
Then Reaper's Toll weapon.. usually around lem-pul value, bonehew you can get for like 9pgems.
Estimated market value