Which Bear Build?

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Sep 20, 2003
Which Bear Build?


I think I've decided I'm going to build a Bear but don't know what build for overall PvM and some MF'ing: Maul, FC, or Hunger.

What do you guys think would be the best overall?

Any are good for PvM, mauler being the most expensive build to be sucessful. FC has most kill power, but alot of monsters are fire immuned, which can be delt but with more expensive gear. Hunger is a massive tank, but alot harder to kill monsters compared to the other 2.
For any kind of mf'ing it will be hard using these three builds.
Id go for a maul / hunger bear and just use both skills , charge up with maul and then attack with hunger if hp gets low.
For MF-ing....Maul...? I wouldn't do that, Maul doesn't kill bosses nearly fast enough, sry but it's just too slow even with CB.

Go fireclaw, you'll drop Andariel in like 2-4 hits (not kidding) by the time your a big-shot lvl 90 :). This is the suggested gear that I've used for mf-ing and I've found it pretty successful:

-Enigma (@lvl90 = +90% mf, nice!)
-Orphans Call Set (+80% mf set bonus, and guilliames gives a nice CB; throw an Um in your shield for resists :)
-War Travelers boots
-6'shael' Phase Blade, for speed
I'll usually just toss in a 29% nagel and a Gheed, brings me up to like 250% but its all I need really.

Fire immunes? so, there's always gonna be immunes in hell...I'd say either just ignore them and tele past 'em with your nigma, or... u have 35% crushing blow and a merc if u have to : /
Fireclaw is effective for any of these because they're all either cold immuned or offer no immunities:

Andariel- ezpk (tele ontop of her, 3 hits)
Countess (minions are cold immuned; she sometimes is fire but that's ok)
Mephisto- ezpk
Nilathak- (all cold immunes)- ezpk, fissure minions and finish nilathak off in a few hits.
Okay, I'll go FC, since I'm not super rich I don't really know what gear I'm going to use late game so what stats should I aim for? What are good Str and Dex numbers to shoot for?

Also, what about skills? I'm thinking about maxing out FC, it's synergies, and Oak. How does that sound?

countess is always fire and cold imune always always always
minions are cold imunes
Okay, I'll go FC, since I'm not super rich I don't really know what gear I'm going to use late game so what stats should I aim for? What are good Str and Dex numbers to shoot for?

Also, what about skills? I'm thinking about maxing out FC, it's synergies, and Oak. How does that sound?


If you can get 120 skill points to max all those skills then do it, but realistically you can't max 6 skills. Either fire claws and all its synergies + one in oak. Or fire claws and 3 of its synergies (+1 in oak) and rest into lyc.

Which would you recommend?

Also, what stats would you say I should aim for? Str? Dex? Since I don't really know what weapon I'm going to use late game I want something thats fairly flexible without wasting all of my stats to get a certain item I may not even get.

Also, how effective are FC Bears with MF gear equipped?

for FC bear max FC and Lyc, 1 into oak, then rest into synergies. youll still slap down everything fast. use a 6 shael phaseblade or a 4 shael pb with 2 15ias/resist jewels. if you want, you can make a hella fun hunger bear for pvm. use a griz caddy with 3 ias/ed jewels and a shael for 4 frame. get some cb/ow and what not and youll kill alot. they are hella fun and leech like crazy. theres a decent guide around here somewhere.
Re: Which Bear Build?

i hope you need skill for d3, so if you are a bad player but having huge equip doesnt help you to survive in Hell/Inferno whatever. We will see.

b2t: i will just use the money i got from selling items. so if i earn 100$ i can spend 100$ if i want to
Re: Which Bear Build?

*Adds another animal icon to the replies in this thread XD*

I won't be spending any $$, I'll be the one making money off others. That's because I have plenty of the time side of the resource coin. ;)
Re: Which Bear Build?

ZIPPO. I will try to sell stuff for real cash... looks like other share same view...
Re: Which Bear Build?

For PvM the most effective will be fireclaws with a 4 frame attack, crushing blow stack, and a point into shockwave for stunning.

You would basically put 1 point into werewolf, lycanthropy, feral rage, werebear, maul, fireclaws, shockwave, oak sage, then you will max fireclaws and then max as many synergies as possible. 1 point into grizzly bear might be helpful to distract mobs as well as bosses.

Basic gear setup would be jalals, duress armor, gore riders, + skill amulet, bul kathos and raven rings, arachnid belt (or an fhr belt with resistances), bloodfists, custom phase blade with 4x shaels and 2x resistance/ias jewels. Charms are shape skillers and life charms.

Fireclaws will do quite a bit of damage, but crushing blow and maul will still kill fire immunes. Shockwave and grizzly bear for crowd control. You may also charge maul and then use fireclaws to add additional stun to your attack against minibosses mainly.
Re: Which Bear Build?

I'm playing with four friends on single player, hardcore, players 8. We're trying to play untwinked, with minimal runs.

I wanted to try a Town Dump bear, but Safetypro said they aren't viable untwinked in the build thread. Is this still true?

Another choice would be a mauler: start with a town dump bear, but take the points from grizzly, dire wolves, spirit wolves, and raven, and max maul and werebear. I've heard this is even LESS viable untwinked. Is this true?

That would leave me with a fireclaws bear. I like the idea of a lot of damage, but I kinda wanted just a bunch of physical damage. Seems more bear like. Also, more viability seems more bear like, and since FC depends on sinking all the points that would go into werebear and lycanthropy into elemental synergies, I'm not sure I like that option.

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Re: Which Bear Build?

Untwinked and Char Level Unknown. Kinda difficult to answer. So:

If you have a mighty fast wep (6fps or better) and over 20 CB then FC is probably a good option. Yep if your untwinked you will need to put 12 pts in Lyc and 8 in WB and 1 in SW.

The most viable option is probably Windy. Just use a standard Windy build and you'll be fine.

HC PVM Untwinked with 4 other chars. You will be more solid with Windy :)
Re: Which Bear Build?

Untwinked definitely a Summoner-Shockwave bear. Even with just 1 pt Shockwave, you can gimp every non-act boss in the game including the minions of destruction, while your party, dire wolves/grissly, and merc cut them down.

20 HoW
20 Dire
20 Grissy
1+ Spirit wolves
1+ Lycan
1+ Shockwave
1+ Ravens
1+ Poison Creeper (optional to keep monsters from healing)
Re: Which Bear Build?

Damric, I kinda like this setup if we're going Shock/Sum because it's just one of my favorites. :)

Reasoning for agreeing with Damric: You don't need as much speed with Shock/Sum but it's very good to have. PVM, HC, UnTwinked with party - this is how I like to "Build A Bear" !!!

1 WW PreReq
20 Lyc - Cuz it's HC
12 WB - Cuz it's HC
6 Maul - Damage
2 SW - The Big "D" for a Bear

1 Oak - PreReq
2 HoW - AR
13 Dire - Griz needs it
20 Griz - Cuz he's a Big "D" for HC
1+ Spirit wolves
1+ Ravens - Cuz they fly
1+ Poison Creeper - Cuz it's mean

80 Pts - Level 72 Build- Can do by the end of NM for Safety and can wear better equipment for hell.
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