Where are all the druids at


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Dec 3, 2004
Where are all the druids at

This is my first post ever i used to play a lot in .9 but havent played in about a year i was just wondering where most of the druids play at now i really wana make a new pvp bear and was wondering whats changed since back then also if neone could take the time to let me know whats up my account is *Charged.85 id be stoked to get to play with some other druids thanks
I play on east and my IM is pondscm86
if u ever wanna play IM me and well start a game
Nancy (Aduro86), you forgot to welcome the first time poster...


Well a few things have been tweaked for the Druid in 1.10. Werebears I'm not sure what the changes are but I'm confident it was nothing too extreme. I am aware Fireclaws and hunger have had a few changes but you'll need to check that up yourself.

Items changes have been huge so they affect your Werebear build quite alot. Once again, you'll need to check the 1.10 guides for a general idea.

Anyways, I doubt I've helped. Sorry.

Welcome to the Druid Forum dude and don't be afraid to ask any questions...preferably a bit more specific since your question is a bit broad to answer.
sorry unchosen i forgot plus im new rember

ps. when am i not nacy anymore???? :cheesy:
Aduro86 said:
sorry unchosen i forgot plus im new rember

ps. when am i not nacy anymore???? :cheesy:

im guessin you got a month or 2 more .... be happy you were even picked to be nacy
Why am I not aware of this nancy business?

Welcome to the Druid Forum!!! :D :D :D A three smiley welcome for our new friend ILLA. Er, ILLAction. Can I call you Illa anyways? :)
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