When hostiled, do you...


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Jul 25, 2003
When hostiled, do you...

outwait the pker, hoping he/she will leave? Do you leave? Or do you fight the pker, if your character's and his/her character's levels are not to big of a gap
(ex. level 9 vs level 80)?

I usually stay in the game and wait it out, just to frustrate the pker.

Back in .09, my new sorc was rushed to act 5 and was close to lvl 9 in a 7
player act 1 game. The characters ranged from 9 - 15. A lvl 30 sorc came in and killed everyone but me. The sorc did not leave, saying that he/she will wait until I was lvl 9. I could have left at any point, but I was close to finishing cain quest. When I freed cain, I was a couple monsters shy of being lvl 9. I decided to lvl up try my luck evading the sorc while I continued questing. Sure enough, when I leveled, he/she hostiled me. I decided to try to fool the sorc by going to act 2 and getting the cube. He/she thought I was still in act 1 and tried to find me, but gave up after a silent 5 minutes.
I left after that.
Depends... if my friends have a pk problem, I generally quietly bring a pkker in (not like a level 98 barbarian, something close to the pker) and wait to be hostiled, and then challenge him. If HE challenges Me, hes much more likely to duel than if i come charging into the game and hostile him.

If its a high level sorc vs my low level PvMer, than no, I dont fight (when the 53 barb is done, I'll just grab him, and show her what a nasty zerker can do though)

Basically, I always stick around for a few minutes, but usually dont fight with that actual character, because its usually a PvMer....

Typically I'll log in a second account and bring my own dueler (93 sorc) to chase them from the game so everyone can enjoy a pk free game. If they are stupid enough to stick around and see if my sorc can actually fight, then the pk'er dies or chickens out. So far, my sorc hasn't lost cause she's still alive and kicking and oh by the way, I don't use no fricking chicken like these looser pk'ers. :)
Depends on the character and the situation.
Sometimes I'll stick around and fight.
If I'm in a baal run and see a hostile flash I'll alt+f4 even though I know I won't be quick enough to avoid a TPPK if I was the target and had too low life.
Otherwise I usually stick around playing whichever area I was playing because I just assume the PK won't find me.
I either, get up my laptop, and join with my dueler, of course, of the same level. Of course, looking like a noob. I remember:

There was my zon, a bsnap charger, and a couple pvm'ers. Of course, on my zon, I'm yelling nty! YOU WILL PWN ME ! NO DUEL TY!!! (It was a bloody foothills run, yeah, this is in 1.10) my lvl 32? zon.. goes up bloodies, and fires arrows at him at frigid highland, where he's waiting for victims. Of course, he has no shield, he fluxes. I grab my laptop, join on my 33 (or 34) druid, take off my gear, pretend I'm noob with a thumb up my ***. Morph, HoW, take wp... flux flux flux.. he must have gotten tired with the 70% chicken *roll eyes*

Generally though.. I'm always baaling with my lvl 93? 94? sorc in the same game. So if people cry pk.. I usually say nothing.. open a TP, and fire ice blasts at the pk. He usually won't stand still or he'll exit the game. :)
I picked fight, but it really depends on the situation.

Just last night i was in a game that frustrated me. I have a level 57 fire sorc that I use to run nm andy/countess/flayer solo in 8 player games, and i was in one and a hammerdin joins and parties up. I have seen this guy before, and i wasnt part of the main team. I knew he would hostile them - they were all about level 55, he was 70ish. When he hostiled, 4 people immediately chickened. At this i was mad, because I am under the impression 7 level 55s > 1 level 70.

So I am by the wp that i was near when I got hostiled, spamming meteor, ready to switch to fireball as soon as he pops thru. he never did :*( 'twas a shame i say... I think i coulda killed him, maybe... unless he had some form of teleport, then things could have gotten ugly perhaps :D

If its my level 20 versus a level 80? i wait em out, or maybe i continue on in an obscure area.

I fear only tppk, a hostile while they are in town doesnt phase me at all.

There wasnt option like:

- check the name of pker, char class, continue what you were doing with some more caution with minimap ^^ Thats what i normally do when im mfing in pubby game and they hostile baalrunners etc, im not in their party so the pker doesnt have any clue where im killing monsters :D

If I am near a higher level character or a WP I leave the game as soon as possile. If I'm leveling a char in public games then I'm usualy unpartied in an area no-one knows, so typicaly the PK does not know where I am, he only used a script to hostile everyone and not just the other partied guys he is after. If I ain't near a wp I will just make a tp and wait in town untill he leaves. Else, I exit. Finaly, in a B run with people I don't know I wouldn't allow anyone to use his/her skills through me, like bone spirit, fireball, etc, so I'd probably hit potion, leap away and exit, as probably the TPPKer would be targeting someone else.

The only way someone could get me is through bug exploitations, like the fast wp/hostile bug or some *** town kill when I'm afk in town. I guess town kills would only work on low lvl chars, anyway.
I will fight them with the lowest level character I can find. I get no satisfaction from bringing in a high level to chase them away, and 50% of the time i'm in a pvm game i'm there waiting to be hostiled rather then lvling. Nothin better then taking an ear of a pk with someone half his level but twice his ability.
I dont pub anymore. Now that most anytime you hear the hostile button your dead due to tppk.

Not worth the risk. I pub from 1-18 or so, thats about it, then i go and hide in my private games. Its not very fun, but i dont die due to some script kiddie.
I voted "leave," because if I'm near a waypoint or in a place a PK could get to me quickly, I do... BUT, when I do have time to portal to town, there is one technique I've found to be universally effective at getting pkers to leave the game, assuming ALL people hostiled do it. TP to town, stand there in town, and DO NOT SAY OR DO ANYTHING.

PKers get bored easily, tis true. If there's nobody to hunt, and nobody talking trash, they leave. Simple.
Depends, if i think that i have a chance to win, i usually try (and i got loot). If lvl 30 charger host my baba,i hardly even bother to duel tho :lol:
Without maphack you are at a disadvantage, so I just tp into town, and access the situation. It is stupid to fight if they can chicken, unless you can one-hit knockout, and that can be hard to do.
Depends on my mood, really.

Usually I'll just leave. Sometimes I'll sit in town.

Other times, I'll help them out.

/whisper and/or keeping others from hearing me, then letting the pk know where everyone is. :p

That doesn't occur too often, though.

The poll was missing my option: continue on playing as if nothing happened.

Since I do not generally party in pubbies, and don't play in the game name area, and don't hang out around wps, I don't really care if someone hostiles.

If you can find me, go for it. I've already had time to check the party screen to see what lvl and char you are (lvl 39 pally- headstriker charge? etc), and assess whether or not I'll take a couple of pot shots at you, or just flux when you show up on the minimap.

99% of the time, I happily continue my run in the icy cellar, arreat plateau, pits, crypt, AT, Tals Tombs, Flayer jungle, City of the Damned, etc, etc, etc. Why am I thus immune to pkers? It's simple: PKers ARE LAZY, LAZY, LAZY, oh and uhhh, LAZY.

And the best part is, since most of them have been ubar-rushed through every difficulty level, they don't even have most of the wps for my favorite areas. :lol:
Without maphack you are at a disadvantage

As someone mentioned in one of the Hardcore stickies, maphack can be more of a hinderance than anything, for avoiding PKs.

I usually play on like nothing happened until I see the big red thing on my mini map then I usually hightail it :)
Somewhat off-topic(kinda), this thread reminded me of Garwulf's 'Baal's Friend' column.

Even more off-topic...ever wonder who Siggard is? Well now you know!(and knowing is half the battle?)

-Chris, Yo Joe!
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