What's the Strongest Untweaked Three Element Character? if


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Jun 24, 2003
What's the Strongest Untweaked Three Element Character?

I was going to list top five untweaked Three Element Characters. Physical Counts as an element, since let's face it I'm talking about being able to run through the game without anything being immune to you.

Javalinist - Lightning, Poison, and Physical
Rabid Windy
Lord of Mages
Pheonix Striker
Rabid Fireclaws Fury Wolf

Special Mention: Boner with CE and Hammerdin/Charger since Magic Damage Immunity is so rare.

My list would be

Phoenix Striker
Rabid Windy
Rabid Fireclaw Fury Wolf
I will mark 1000 damage per attack as being effective.

tri elementalist can get a nice firewall/orb/ and chainlightning, they can have a weak orb with very strong other skills to be quite effective.

My elemental druid does 1000 in 3 damage types and only 1 item was needed for it to achieve that amount. (stone armor). he does over 1000 in each elemental type.

Trapper the key to this one is the Death Sentry trap, it deals physical and fire with corpse explosion. 20 in fireblast and the rest in lightning skills will easily net you 1000 in 3 elements.

Advenger - I think we have the king of 3 elements. All you need to get 1000 damage out of 3 elements is a really strong and large hurtystick. Any cruel elite should get you the 1000 damage per element per attack.

Lord of the Mages - summon build with low attacking strength more of a mass usage skill like frozen orb not able to achieve 1000 elemental damage per attack easily.

Javazon/Magazon - both can be effective javazon can get poison/lightning/physical damage at high amounts really high with the lightning skills, magazon I would put on the same mindset as the pheonix striker.

Pheonix striker - good at 2 elements but not really 3 elements cold damage is very low in comparision to the others but again it works like frozen orb. This build takes a skilled player to get the elemental damage desired with each attack. 1000 damage is possible in fire and lightning but not in cold with this build.

rabid fireclaws - well this one tops the cake when twinked it can get huge damage in 2 elements (poison and fire) with a bit of manipulation physical can be quite powerful as well 1000 damage is very doable here with out being twinked.

let me add one
stormranger - well its a ranger its a tesladin, its a freezadin. the combo works well since the holy shock and holy freeze share a synergy. add on some powerful bow and an emergency melee with vengence and you have a very strong 3 elemental build. A few in holy fire could give you a low powered third element or you could simply add elemental damage from gems and charms. 1000 damage is very easy to obtain.
If you're talking in taking the game without finding any trouble with immunes, i would say hammer/charge pala, our dear liberator :worship:

Now for 3 damage types, i would place 2 paladins in queue:
The funny build mentioned above, 2 auras and phys dmg. With a Witchwild String you can even go for 4...

Dont mean to say paladins are the best, what matters is not the tool, its how you use it :spy:

Lets not forget Bone necros or PSN/summon necros, lightning trappers to name a few
My vote is with Vengeance pally. It can have some insane damage of all 3 elementals and insane physical damage.
drunkoncheese said:
My vote is with Vengeance pally. It can have some insane damage of all 3 elementals and insane physical damage.

I join with drunkoncheese.Man this char rapz.
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