Whats better for auradin?


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Nov 29, 2006
Whats better for auradin?

Pure Torchdin with HoJ+Dragon+Dragon, or Light/Fire with HoJ+Dragon+Dream+Dream?
I ask this because I did duel light/fire and was wondering how the damage is delivered, does lightning and fire dmg hit the enemy at the same time dealing both elements of damage? Or does it Alternate between the two types therefore doing less then if i did pure fire?
It all adds up, doing both elements in the one big hit.

The fire damage from just HoJ+Dragon (slvl 30) isn't very good, even when synergised. You need that second Dragon to make it worthwhile.

With dual Dreams, you could replace HoJ+Dragon with better things, like CoH, Enigma or Fort armours and/or Grief, EBotDz, Doom, or a robo-resist/IAS Jewel/Facet Phase Blade/Berserker Axe.

While HoJ+Dragon+Dragon does a little less average damage than Dreams, its' damage is more consistant, it's got far greater range, and HoJ's -20% fire res adds with Conviction for -170% fire resist, increasing your chances of getting your opponents resists into the negatives.
So in your opinion which is better, light or fire? I might do Pure light in duels, if so whats best weapon/armor to use? I kind of wish I hadn't maxed both resist fire and resists light now but o well.
As Eilo pointed out, using lightning frees up armour for something else. However, by the looks of it lightning seems it is more easily countered. I would go with fire as it would be slightly harder to stack. If you're having problems with resists you can use a kiras with an um or a res jewel.
A 6 socket Phase Blade or Berserker Axe socketed with:

15% resist, 15% IAS Jewels

To reach the desired attack speed (to the nearest 5%).

Lightning Facets thereafter for more damage.

You'd have to work out what IAS you need to reach the fastest Zeal speed with whatever weapon you're using.
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