What weapon


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Jun 21, 2008
What weapon

Hey guys

for the ladder reset im planning on making either a lf amazon or a bezerker barb to start out with.

My question is for the barb, how do i chose what mastery when i start out from zero gear? Do i just go for sword and then hope i will find something i can use?! Also how hard is it to gear up a barb from scratch so i can run some cs and ws k?! I know it will go faster with the lf-zon, but still?!

Hope you can give me some useful tips on this subject.

- Hdefte :coffee:
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Re: What weapon

The only thing im worried about with that is the lack of shield. But maybe that won't be a problem?
Re: What weapon

It won't be a problem, life leech from Tap and ll is enought to keep you alive
Re: What weapon

well it doesnt really matter now since you can respec..

so put some points in each then when you have your endgame gear you can respec and put them all into that weapon mastery^^
Re: What weapon

Anyone know when/if the respec is becomming available?

Edit - Guessing it's coming with new patch. Anyone have ideas when we'll be seeing that?
Re: What weapon

i like mauls for pvm, and 1.13 is on beta, just change your realm to classicbeta and log in, you need to create a new acc bc its a new realm but its playable.
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