What to wear for Pvp Jab/GA/MS?

frenzy kujaku

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Mar 3, 2009
What to wear for Pvp Jab/GA/MS?

I am building this zon for PvP. She's at level 82 and still leveling.

Skill allocation

20 Jab
20 GA
20 Penetrate
9 CS
7 Dodge
2 Avoid
1 Valk


Switch #1:

Titans (I need to up them 198% ed non-eth)
SS (Should I shael or eld it?)

Switch #2:

Faith Mat Bow (14lvl fana)


Fort Dusk





Ring #1:


Ring #2:

Carrion (currently, I am going to switch to all resist +life ring +AR)

The confusing pieces of items are the gloves, amulet and helm.

Because I am half melee and half ranged, I am uncertain how to balance fwr, ias, and OW.

Should I emphasize on

a) pure running speed and attack speed =Cats eye+Enigma+Mav belt+ Valk (+ias jewel)
b) balance offense, attack speed with running speed = Fort + Cat's eye+ Mav helm+ Dracs
c) balance survival, attack speed, offense with running speed = Fort + Giant Skull socketed with IAS jewels+ 20IAS KB glove + metalgrid

What should I wear and what bp should I meet for fbr, fhr and fwr? I will get about 48% DR from SS and dungos, am wearing 8 3%fwr scs, and intend to hit 32%fhr, and 50% IAS. All resistances right not without anni (with atorch) is about 20+, which is low.

Combination to choose from (please advice):

1: Draculs, Giant Skull + 2x 15IAS etc jewels, Cats eye or highlords

2: 20IAS KB crafted glove, Mav Helm (what to socket?), Cats eye or metalgrid

3: IK boots + IK gloves, Giant Skull (what to socket?), Cats eye or highlords

4: Cleglaw's glove, Mav Helm (+15IAS etc jewel), Cats eye or highlords

5: 20IAS KB crafted glove, Valk helm, Cats eye

What should be the breakdown of fwr sc, fhr sc, max/ar sc, and life sc should I wear?

Thanks for the advice.


Frenzy Kujaku
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