What to put in Wizard Spike


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Jun 6, 2005
What to put in Wizard Spike

I'm somewhat stuck on what to socket in my wizard spike. I'm using a Energy shield lightning sorc, currently level 82. Gear is as follows:

Shako (shael)
lidless(cham)(is cannot be frozen even useful as a sorc? Should i change the socket to Sur for more mana,or Jah for more life?)
Wizardspike(was thinking Io or Lum)

I currently have almost 2700 mana. Im going with the 1:4 vita / energy ratio.
Cannot Be Frozen is almost useless on a sorceress. Being chilled doesn't slow cast rate.

Lum is more useful than Io, since life gained from +vitality isn't boosted by BO, but IIRC mana gained from +energy is boosted by BO, as well as the +mana% on the SoJ's, Lidless, Silkweave and Frostburns.

Do you play Ladder? If so, ditch the Lidless for a Spirit, trust me you wont look back. You get more mana, more +skills, more resists, more FCR, way more FHR... Enough to hit the 86% FHR breakpoint with your current setup.

With just a 27%FCR+ Spirit you could swap the Wizardspike for a HotO and still retain the 117% FCR breakpoint for Lightning. That's if you play Ladder, though.

As for the original question... err... a Hel rune would let you keep (almost) base dex and still be able to use it. A Lum rune would ramp up your mana by quite a bit. A Lightning Facet (assuming you have one/can afford one) would be best though, more damage is always good.
I play non-ladder, but I was considering a spirit, just that I didn't want to invest a whole lot into strength. I don't use call to arms either, I use a +6 Es memory to hit 95% es , ill test the hoto / spirit set up on single player again to see how i like it.
Nef for knockback.
Um for open wound.
Lo for deadly strike.

too many choices!

Light facet definitely. I'd advise somethin like 40% LR jool, but useless on a 95% ES.

I dunno about you, but I can't remember the last time I physically attacked anything with my sorc.

Lo is nigh on useless, doubling the physical damage of a Wizzy, let alone on a Sorc, is :laugh:able.

Same goes for Um. I'm sure not going to stand there and stab something until it bleeds, when I could be nuking it to oblivion instead.

Oh, and there's Telekinesis for Knockback. You people do use TK for Knockback, don't you?

I have to say yes to the Spirit advice. I've got the sword and shield and its awesome!
one more thing, I cant seem to find a legit soj for the life of me , and im sick of paying for them only to have them disapear a few hours later. what would be another viable option as a ring?
one of my friends hooked me up with a legit soj ^^

so gear is as follows(let me know if theres anything that you would suggest replacing, and why)

Heart of the Oak
2 x soj

resists are pretty good, around 15 over max. fire is a little lacking so ill have to make that up with charms(unless i can find a few fhr / fire resist jewels) any critique or suggestions on gear improvement is welcome. im at 117% cast break point for lightning and 86% fhr break.
Only thing at first glance that may require a switch eventualy, is a better magical or rare amy.

+3 light skill with resist magic amy


+2 sorc skill resists stats rare or crafted amy

If those are good enough might come better then mara at some point.
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