What To Do ?!?


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Oct 11, 2004
What To Do ?!?

Ok so i have tals ammy and ist. I think tals ammy is worth ist or shako. Should i make my baba dueler or spend it trying to make a mf sorc, i have never made a mfer that has payed off except for my mav zon (ist). If i do make a sorc which is best for andy/meph? I hear fire takes out andy in a jiffy, and owns meph. Gearwise i'm stuck on rings and armor for what to do there. So tell me if this gear setup could work for either a fire or cold skill sorc: shako, skuldies or viper, mosers or whistans, wwalks, magefists, wizzy, and an ammy with +3 skills or a 50 mana/mf one. I just want the sorc to be able to do meph and andy. Doesn't have to be super fast, but at a decent rate and safely.
Whistans or up'd Visc, mosers if you go no block
tals belt
+2 skills amulet with res
raven frost
rare with res stats and mana

With this setup you have 70% fcr at minimum
75 + 19(22) + 30(anya) for res + mods on rares if lucky
+6 skills, you dont need alot for mfing those 2

Im partial to orb sorcs for mfing those 2 because most of Cat 4 is fire immunes. Orb sorcs can also go base energy and dont require too much mana (800+). I ve found that fireballers require quite a bit of mana to be able to really spam. I also use a lower res wand on switch as opposed to Ali-Baba and I still pack around 225% mf which is plenty IMO
Orb sorc's are much safer and like Stimm said Andy is pretty hard because of all the FI's. I tried to do it last night with a meteor/fireball sorc and couldn't even hit andy b/c of all the immunes standing in my way. So yea, I'd say go with the orb/tk mfer to get your item base even higher! :)
Hehe if i can make up for all the stuff i spent making the sorc then i'll be happy. Anywho i traded ist for shako, and for my tals ammy i might be able to get sanctuary shield and a skulders if the guy can find his sanctuary. Is sanctuary good on a mf sorc?
I might even take it a step further and go meteorb. There's a great guide in the sorc forum for a meteorb.

In my opinion.. screw energy shield. Last sorc I made didn't even put a point in it and she was the sturdiest/most successful of my sorc's. Only reason she died was because my PC froze when i took the frigid wp. Just so happens I was unlucky enough to have a pack of unique quill rats sitting right there waiting for me.

Energy shield has killed me more than it's saved me. To get it to a near decent level you have to spend a lot of points. I suppose if you are going orb and orb alone go for it. But I like my char's to be a little more versatile with where they MF. Trust me... mephy and andy get awfully boring after awhile.
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