What to do with a 0os Eth Sacred Armor?


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Aug 14, 2003
What to do with a 0os Eth Sacred Armor?

I just found it, 756 def....should I cube it and hope for 4 socs, sell it as is, or try to do the soc quest? Thanks for any help...
My first choice is to cube yourself. Personally I think it is worth risking as you have 5/6 chance to turn that armor to useful purpose (1os = crap, 2os = prudence, 3os = duress/gloom/dragon etc, 4os = stone/fort etc).
If you think you don't have that luck, it is still useful to trade it for some currencies, although the defence on the armor is a bit low.
And never waste a socket quest on that armor, unless you want to waste the socket quest + armor.
socketing runes are cheap, go ahead and try
if you get 4 sell it on the forum, should catch an ist or two (depending on your realm)
If you socketed it via larzuk, it would become pretty much worthless because the defense would be lower than any glitched eth elite armor and str req would still be 222.

You can also get something for it as unsocketed.
Any time :thumbsup:
BTW I just calculated that if you socket it via cube recipe it should get you 1134 defence, although it is a bit low on sacred armor, but it can still make you a good stone or fort if you get 4os from that :laugh:

I had a similar one that I cubed into a 1185 def 3 socket one. Made it into a treachery for my infinity merc. He loves it. Great speed, and once fade triggers, he's immortal. So, make this another vote for cubing. :cool:

Edit: Damn.. too late. Well 4 works too. Grats.

I'd cube socket too.
4 socket-Fort or Stone
3 socket-Duress
2 socket-Prudence
1 socket-curse Blizzard!
I'm really sorry if this has been answered before, but can someone explain how socketing INCREASES the def on eth armors? Whats the bug/formula? Thanks.
Read the horadric cube recipes, there is a recipie for socketing normal (as in non superior or cracked) armor, helms and shields. The socketing recipie do add the ethereal bonus, +50% extra defense, a second time to the armor, helm or/and shield. The bug is an result of an other bug fix where ethereal uniqe armor types did not get the ethereal bonus when upgraded.

- D.J.
Goddamn baby, in the way of my bathwater!

*Really regretting he didn't socket-bug his 986 sacred*
A stone with that would be really nice.

Except that that is a superior sacred, 9%. You can't ebug superior armors.

Quiong - you use the socketing recipe listed here. If it's ethereal and nonsuperior it'll have extra defense.

i remeber i made a ebug fort for my friend i forget the base def but it turned out to be 36xx def and perf res althought life was low
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