what the heck?


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May 13, 2004
what the heck?

i found a 28 mara at 2 am and i exited the game alrith everything didnt lose connection and such, i get on today it its no where to be found?, what happened? did bnet do a rollback or something?
#1 You were dreaming
#2 You have misplaced it
#3 The current state of your char should be saved at the time when you exit game. This might not have happened if you didn't exit properly and the server crashed or then there was some strange and very rare case where the specific game server couldn't send the saved information of your char to the main database server.

I'd pick #2 unless you absolutely can't find it anywhere.
i wasent dreaming because i told a friend and asked him if i told him and he said yeah
for the second i placed it right by my um rune and jewel in the conor of my stash, i remember placeing it there excartly
so # 3 sounds like the only thing that could of happned, which sucsk becasue i hit esc - save and exit- then logged off.

oh yeah for #2 ive searched my whole account :/
When did we become d jamacan man? I cant see why d forums wouldnt allow d poster to use d t d h and d e keys man.

On topic: it is likely you got rolled back just a wee bit and the maras went bye bye with the roll back.
yeah its too bad, thast would of made me rich :( and im poor, thanks for the helps guys.
hmm......was there a empty space when you logged on? Or was the items rearranged to cover up the space?

yeah the space was empty, i made game 28 mara here, some guy offers me a pick of ohm or vex or zod + ist, i go to get mara and its not there.
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