what Merc equipment?


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Sep 30, 2004
what Merc equipment?

non-ladder, lvl 89, Act 2 nm Merc w/holy freeze
currently using:
Bonehew, socketed with 2 Amn's, for 14% life leech.
Tal Rasha's helm, for the 10% life leech, socketed with Fal for +10 str,
so he can use the Bonehew. 2 more lvls and he won't need the +str.
eth Black Hades armor, with 3 open sockets, and 1377 def, that I just found today.

aren't Tomb Reaver and Reapers Toll, ladder only?
so should I stick with my Bonehew until I can afford Doom or BotD?

should I socket the armor with ed/ias jewels?
should I hold out for better armor? unique or runeword?

I've tried a Kelpie Snare and Blackhorn's Face on my merc, for all the + % slows target, (+95%)
and it works great for single boss monsters, especially when my sorc carries
a Spellsteel axe on switch, so she can cast a Decrep,
but they just don't cut it for general use.
The armor and helm are ok, but if you can get your hands on one, I'd definately replace the bonehew with a reaper's toll. (that way you don't have to mess around with spellsteel axes and stuff like that)
Congrats on finding that armor. IMO it's the best merc armor for non-MF setups. Put IAS jewels into it and give him a Reaper's Toll (*). The helm can be improved by a Ral Andariel's, but it's not necessary IMO. I'm not sure if BotD or anything else beats Reaper's Toll BTW.

(*) Edit: Except your character wears Draculs or is a necro. In that case, decrep would override life tap respectively the necro curses all the time.

A MF setup would be PT Stealskull, PT Skullder's and a 2xAmn+something Tomb Reaver.

Reaper's Toll and Tomb Reaver can be found on ladder only. They became non-ladder when the ladder got reset.
i have 3x 15 ias jewls for trade if you are interested ( we are alowed to talk n trade 15 ias right they aint buged? just 1540s right?)
yeah that armor is nice and i used one like it on merc, but then stone came out, i love how 3000 def look on a set of armor. to do this, find a good ethereal elite armor(sacred) with 4 socket or with no socket, take it and use socket quest to give it 4 sockets. also ethereal druess is a good option, cheap and i find it to be one of the best armor you can put of a merc.

weapon, i find reapers toll to be best option like the others, but since you are NL use most dmg or fast weapon. if you want a doom, you may want to get new merc as domm comes with HF aura, def or might are best IMO.

helm i find to be great is giant skull, i want to get an ethereal one :drool: . ethereal crown of theves is good, the others mention good options as well,

in the end it comes down to what he needs. must haves are speed, leech, good def/resist
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