What is the Defiled Warrior doing?!?!


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Sep 14, 2004
What is the Defiled Warrior doing?!?!

What is happening when I'm fighting Pindle and all the sudden I just die due to a Defiled Warrior who isn't even in Pindle's room?
Could be alot of things. Hard to know with the insight of the situation you've provided :)p) but sometimes in pindles room you die if you stand on the ground where on of the slain warriors is and he suddenly rise anew. At least, I've experienced this. It could also be FE. Pindle is always FE
These deaths usually occur after I've killed Pindle, I am staying far away from the action (zon) and in most of these cases, my valk and merc are standing in the doorway fighting the guys in the front yard while I'm picking through Pindle's loot, or I'm behind my tanks firing arrows. It happens whether I'm firing or not. I have also noticed that if I am at 100% health, it will knock me down about 95% of my health, so I CAN survive whatever it is if I notice the first drop, and if I make sure to stay 100% healthy.
as I said before. It sometimes happen if a fallen warrior gets up on his feet again. Dunno why, but I've encountered it too. I'll wait and let someone more into pindling answer this one.
IIRC it is a bug in the way the game does the reanimation of the unique defilers. It animates them and kills them instantly, so what happens is you get hit with Pindle's Fire enchanted explosion. Not sure if this could be the reason.
It could be Pindle's reanimation bug.

When Pindle dies, he explodes because he's Fire Enchanted, so he leaves no corpse. But the game forgets about this and tries to reanimate him after a few seconds. You get a new, invisible FE explosion which can kill you if you're still near.

Happens the same with all FE reanimated bosses, IIRC.
That's got to be it. I guess I'll just get the hell out of dodge when I see he's FE.
I'm afraid but Hell Pindle is always FE. Just pick up whatever good stuff he drops and hit ESC to quit if you're running him for exp o items. You have a few seconds to do that with ease.
I've been Pindling for quite awhile now. Start game - cast bone armor and clay golem - run to portal - teleport twice to Pindle with staff with charges - switch to gull dagger - cast amp and let merc get first corpse - CE the rest. Check for items while I attract the rear batch of Defiled. Rinse and repeat.

Funny thing is that on quite a few occasions i've noticed that I get hit from out of nowhere and wondered "what the hell?" because my marrowalk (it's a feature darn it! :lol: ) bone armor is over 600 points and have close to 1k HP. I look around and after a sec I usually see one of my skellies engaging a resurfaced Defiled.

However, I get the impression that a resurfaced Defiled will charge attack you even before you see it come from back up from the ground. Nice huh?

Now, once Pindle is dead and the rest of his minions too ... i'll raise up the rest of the bodies as skellies so no more surprises. Works well. I've got the mana anyways. Don't think it's happened since then.
bill_n_opus said:
However, I get the impression that a resurfaced Defiled will charge attack you even before you see it come from back up from the ground. Nice huh?

There is some sort of display bug too with the charging of the undead. Sometimes you see them charge at you but then they stop somewhere in between but the charging motion is still displayed (they look like they're charging in place), in fact they are comming closer to you and can hit you while to you it seems like they're far off. If one of those guys from the yard does this he can be invisible since you didn't see him comming close (he charges from the yard, but stops somewhere in between) and you don't see him enter or hit you because .. well.. he's still in the yard. This causes you to lose health to an invivsible charge.
You can survive this well enough if you have good HP, but the charges are allways ITD which means they'll hit you no matter what defence you have (and I think they even bypass dodge.. but I'm not sure on that one).

Clawvipers and the likes have these charges too, only I've never seen a diplay bug when they do it (only that when they charge they don't really move so it looks like they're gliding :scratch: ).

:drink: Sint
:flip: *It´s Pindleskin´s Revenge! Muahahahaha!!!* :flip:

Seriously, it´s a specific version of the FE bug. It works lik Gaz described.

Pindleskin DOES leave a corpse. The only monsters that don´t are the ones that shatter (including all Frozen Creeper type monsters), The Countess, Shenk and all monsters that have a unique appearance (Hephasto, Izual, Nihlathak, etc.)

Best thing you can do is to quickly use up the corpse (horking barbarians get bonus points here!) or loot him within the first few seconds after the explosion.

Ahab´s first posts confused me, though. He got killed by a Defiled Warror while he was fightning Pindle. The minions should raise normally, so the FE bug shouldn´t be responsible for this.

I´ll buy Sint´s explanation for now. I´ve always felt that the displaying of their Charges is a bit buggy.
I think any class of Defiled Warrior type, the ones that charge and resurrect themselves, have this "feature." If you stand on top of one and it attempts to resurrect, say ciao.

That is why I corpse pop them all with my necro. If I didnt have him, I probably would just have to be real fast and grab the loot, because I have died WAAAy to often to this bug, er feature.
Sometimes when he is LE you don't see the lightning bolts. With the FE bug damage on them they hurt a lot as well, at least for low HP characters.

When he's dead, he can kill you with the resurrection thing as mentioned before, but you just have to be fast enough. I never noticed the bug.
Pindleskin's revenge will display as "You have been slain by Defiled Warrior". That's just a display bug. I got killed by it once :grrr:, so I'd know.


There's also the CE bug. That's right, it's not just fire enchanted monsters that are bugged. When something's CE/LE, their bolts (ONLY at the frost nova range) will do cold damage equal to their death nova. When Pindleskin's cold enchanted, his frost nova will unleash as well (after he's dead). I'm going ahead and assuming that since you're staying so far away, your cold resistance must be negative in order for it to actually kill you.
Summoned said:
Pindleskin's revenge will display as "You have been slain by Defiled Warrior". That's just a display bug. I got killed by it once :grrr:, so I'd know.

OK then, but Ahab said in his first post that he was fighting Pindle (i.e. Pindle himself was still alive) when it happened. Then again, his next post sort of contradicts that... :scratch:
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