What hell monsters can drop any unique/set item?

Kex Doomlich

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Sep 19, 2004
What hell monsters can drop any unique/set item?

I've been doing a load of Meph runs in my quest to find some uniques and set items, but it just came to my mind that he might not be able to drop all uniques/set items.

Can someone list me what are items he cant drop (unique/set) and can someone tell me what are the monsters which can drop any unique/set?
There are over 60 sets and uniques that Meph can't drop, a bit too much to list here.
Basically look at this list of all set and unique equipment items, Meph can't drop anything above TC78.

No monster can drop every set and unique. However, if you ignore the Cow King set (which can only be dropped in the cow level) and Annihilus (DiabloClone) then there are a few that can drop everything else.
Baal, Nihlathak, any random boss or their minions in a level 84 or 85 area, any champion in a level 85 area, and Baal's 5 minion packs (both the bosses and their underlings). All in Hell obviously.
Woah! Does this mean... oooo... suddenly, lvl85 areas became THAT much more attractive! I didn't know minions also got the +3 to level. (Peeeerhaps because I'm still using LODencyclopedia for that sort of thing, and it's still 1.09d...)
Heh, yeah, one of the biggest changes internally that they made in 1.10 was to monster levels. It affects almost everything in the game, but especially drops.

This is the main reason you see so many people running in the Pit these days (one of the earliest, and probably easiest, level 85 areas).
I'm not going to assemble a list of monsters/dropable items, but for sets there is a simple rule: if a monster (in hell) can drop the base item, then it can drop the set item.

This is because qlvls on the set items are all incredibly low, so that requirement is met by all monsters in hell anyway.

So, if you see a lacquered plate drop somewhere, it COULD have been a Tal Rasha armor. And, of course, any amulet COULD have been a Tal Rasha (these can drop even in late normal, IIRC).

Uniques are more complicated, since the qlvls really do matter there. They have to be checked on a per-case basis.
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