What guide suits me? Assassins...


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Dec 17, 2009
What guide suits me? Assassins...

I'm looking for an Assassin build that is for claws. I'd like to have dual claws/hand scythe things, and be strong in pvm, as well as deal out some dmg/stay alive in case a friend ever wants to duel.

I'm wondering how my stat/skill points should be spent, as well as what the ideal gear is for a high level melee assassin.

Feel free to post the best gear in your opinion, I don't mind working hard for the best of the best, and don't want to waste my time with the poorman's setup lol.

Any direction to a guide that fits me, or any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I'm coming back to the game after a four year break xD
Re: What guide suits me? Assassins...

PvM and PvP at the same time is unlikely for a c/c sin.

If you prefer PvM, PS + Dclaw works. For pvp, I recommend the Ghost.
Re: What guide suits me? Assassins...

One of the builds that work in both pvp and pvm are ww/trappers. I'm foremost thinking of traps of the lightning kind, as fire has too many immunes and you don't get a beefed up death sentry.

In pvm simply use LS and DS as any other lightning trapper, with 1 point dtalon you can get a corpse for DS when up against immunes without getting your claws damaged (expensive repairs for most wwsin claws).

If you have infinity on the merc (if you're even considering making a ww/trapper you should be able to afford such runewords) then you'll not have to kick too often.

For guides check the stickies.
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