What gear to use?


Apr 29, 2004
What gear to use?

hi there,

I was wondering what gear i should use for the most +skills for a druid.
Hope you guys can help me out here.

Your going to have to be more specific....what kind of druid? 10 charms of the tree you are using more and 1 from anni, then help is likely a magical with +3 skill tree with +3 the skill you use most, +3 from skill tree on amulet, +2 from rings either 2 kathos or 2 soj, +2 from armor which you can get from a few different ones, +1 shield, +2 or so from club class weapons for a druid...so this is likely the most + skill you can get. O ya almost forgot +1 from the new belt forget the name never have used it.
basically what beo said ... but knock off the shield and get mangs song lesson staff, (+5 to all skills) which is higher than any shield/weapon combo can give unless sorcy or necro.

Basically you can get any skill to:
+11 charms
+6 helm
+5 staff
+2 rings
+1 belt
+3 ammy
+2 armor
which equals lvl 50 skill. However if your using a fire skill you can hit lvl 51 with mage fists.

edit: and just so because i know someone is gonna say this. With a skill shrine and warcry you can hit 52/53 respectively.

Well, if this is about a summoner who uses grizzly, a helm with +3 to grizzly and +3 to summoning effectively gives +6 to grizzly, your main killer.
mang song?

How about earthshifter (+7 to ele skills?)
yea +3 to tree and +3 to skill is +6 to a skill. And true earthshifter is highest for ele. But since no one has any idea what build he is i just did in general.
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