What do you think of this circlet?


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Sep 21, 2006
What do you think of this circlet?

I just bought it gambling, the only thing it doesn't have is + to overall skills, just one branch.

Stone Crest
Defense: 30
Durability: 30 of 30
Required Level: 63
Item Version: 1.10+ Expansion
Item Level: 93
Fingerprint: 0x9659c29e
+28 to Strength
+19 to Energy
All Resistances +16
+6 poison damage over 2 seconds
5% Life stolen per hit
+2 to Shadow Discipline Skills (Assassin Only)

Worth anything in a trade situation or just a good item to keep around?
I think the circlet is good for midgame.

Really, almost every good rare circlet or helmet must be compared against Harlequin's crest and/or Crown of Ages, and compared to any of them, your circlet doesn't seem that good.

Next time, you can use the IFT (Item Find Thread) or have it rated for trading in the Pricecheck Thread in the Single Player Trading Forum :smiley:
That it'd look better in the SP Trade Forum's Price Check thread.

OK, not to be such a jerk... It's pretty good in my opinion. In fact, it's rather great. Gratz on the gamble!

Edit for Arreat_mercenary: I'll need to have a private talk with you :angry:
Ah, sorry guys. I shouldn't have put in the part about seeing if it had any trade value. But thanks for jumping on me like a bunch of hounds :grin:

I'll just stash it and forget about it, unless anyone wants it I'll send it to them. (I don't play assassins much)
@HiTek: No worries, whenever you need it :wink3:

@Llathias: Rather than talking with me, maybe talking to a typist instructor? :scratch: ......... Ok, I'll stop the bad jokes, but not the pwning!
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