What did I do to Diablo 2?


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Nov 13, 2006
What did I do to Diablo 2?

I recently had to hard boot my computer because it froze up so bad when I was playing D2: LOD. I then started my computer back up and tried to load D2, it took FOREVER, the cinematics in the beginning just took forever to load, then were choppy and even stopped. I click through thsoe eventually and get to Bnet and log in. It then takes forever for a game to start. Once I am in a game, all is good and everything works fine. I close out and try again, everything is still slow....

I restarted my computer, did a cleandisk, and everything was the same...slow.

I defragmented...same results, so I uninstalled and re-installed D2....same.

Does anybody know what is going on or have any advice for me?

does this only happen when playing Diablo2 or does it also happen when playing other games? (especially if playing more demanding games)

And although I'm no good at this stuff, what kind of computer are we talking of, and how old?

This just started after the hard-boot, D2 used to run perfectly fine. It don't really have any other games installed, but I will try some other stuff and let you know.

It is an old machine, but plenty good for D2 (as it clearly was 2 days ago) 1.8ghz 512MB RD RAM....

-direct draw-mode after vidtest
-make sure you have latest direct x
-driver @ graphics up to date
-make sure you have enough free ram
-no other big applications running

(set your antivirus-guard write only)
There is a history of troubles with D2 discs having problems being read by disc drives.
check your processes, see if something is running in the background

and run spybot, adaware, and hijackthis, see if anything bad pops up
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