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what are the keydrop chances


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Jul 21, 2009
what are the keydrop chances

I'm seriously going crazy and feeling like a bot. a terror key came after 19 runs, but hate! hate.. hate.. hate.. :) sorry very frustrated.
stopped counting after 40 arcane runs and summoner kills. 3 temp bans so far, tears, but no stupid hate key :)

so what are the drop chances? and do they increase with more players?

thanks for your help.

[edit] and while on the subject, are there any good strategies for key running?

[edit2] I see there is a similar thread on the front page, I just got so frustrated after my last temp ban and decided to whine a bit ^^
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Re: what are the keydrop chances

It's about 1 in 13, so you had a bit bad luck...

I'm doing key runs with a frozen orb/chain lightning sorc with Nature's Peace and a bit of PDR from a +3 lightning/20+ pdr circlet with Sol runes. Her merc (act 2 nightmare defensive) wears Infinity. The Countess and the Summoner are no problem at all, just Nihlathak needs a bit care. Don't run around in the clouds of the tomb vipers (teleport out of them) and keep your merc away from them by teleporting. While fighting Nihlathek, stay away from your merc, he produces CE mines from the minions. In general, spam CL until everything is dead. Nihlathak is sometimes LI, but that's why I have a dual element sorc. In the rare cases where he's LI+CI, the merc will have to kill him while the sorc cares about the minions.
Re: what are the keydrop chances

there's been different chances for keys.

1/13 hate key
1/17 dest key
1/19 terror key.

only reason why dest are most expensive because of nitha.

but i am not too sure about drop rates, but they are different for each key.
Re: what are the keydrop chances

for my lammerdin that I use, none of them is really a problem. Just tele to nihla and spam hammers, he dies. only problem comes from me not paying enough attention, the merc might die from vipers, usually when I'm busy looking for possible gc's falling out of Nihla :)

it took about 50 runes to get the hate key :) with all the temp bans, one key set took about 3-4 hours to collect. but that includes some travi for variation and eldriq and whatnot. uberandy took then ~70 secs to find and finish :)
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