What about those new jewels?


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Mar 4, 2005
What about those new jewels?

On Europe there is some new dupped jewels called Storm Gyre
30%ED Adds 7-18 dmg.

Would it be a good idea to make a armor with 4 of those for a druid?
Not to be a killjoy.... but I don't think the mods will be too keen on this topic.

But anyway - Are ED/+Max+Min jewels bugged the same way as ED/+Max for non weapon use?
Dont think there is a problem when you are just talking about them.
Aslong as you are not trading
Ofc i have heard of that bug. thats why i asked if it were the same. but thx anyway. guess they are worthless then
no they are not worthless, remember there are places that dont use runeword weapons - they are better than 40/15 ed/max in bows which is why they retain high value even though lame.
(ed/max/min bug =ed works on neither min nor max^^)
Yes, the only place these jewels are usuable is in a weapon, on armor the ed just doesn't even exist.
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