Werebear Hunger and Oak Sage/HoW


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Nov 30, 2009
Werebear Hunger and Oak Sage/HoW

So I am going down the Hunger path for Hardcore Werebear tank. I plan on going this route with my skills -

20 Lycan
20 Werebear
20 Hunger
10 Shockwave


1 Werewolf
1 Maul
1 Feral Rage
1 Fire Claws

My question is - should I max Oak Sage or Wolverine? If I maxed Oak Sage my life would be insane. The only reason I am considering wolverine is because it would give bonuses to damage which in turn helps my hunger leech more life. Anyone have any thoughts on which would be a better choice for Hardcore? Stick with the constant life bonus in Oak or use Wolverine to make sure I am always topped off while attacking with Hunger?
Re: Werebear Hunger and Oak Sage/HoW

For HC, Oak. Even with Shockwave you're gonna need more safety.
Re: Werebear Hunger and Oak Sage/HoW

Yeah, that is what I was leaning towards...just wanted some reinforcement.


So this is a pretty physical only damage build. What do you suggest I do to handle the physical immunes? Get a weapon with elemental damage? Was maybe thinking a cold arrow merc from act 1 as well.

I am leveling with my brother who is doing a wolf/fire claws build but we don't always get to be on at the same time.
Re: Werebear Hunger and Oak Sage/HoW

Twinked or Untwinked? If twinked: A high elemental damage weapon or a weapon with ctc amp on it. If untwinked: Jeweled weapon until you find a decent weapon with amp on it.
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