Wepon of Choice


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Aug 17, 2006
Wepon of Choice

Eh, well im tryin to make godly fire sorc what yall think is best wepon to go for a fire sorc.

1]Hoto ?

2]Occy with fire facet?

3] or eschutas with more fire skill dmg then lite,

-what ya think is best wepon for fire sorc?

*Also whats better armor*
1)Vipermage Up'd fire facet or
well, i say echutas if your going pvp and hoto for pvm. occy is horrible in pvm due to the tele imo..

as for coh vs vipermagi, id say if your going for the 200 cast rate breakpoint, use viper but if your only going for 105, use coh.
I agree with the above. Given the current economy, Occy is only for the poor (unfortunately). Eschuta w/ Facet should give you higher damage, but Hoto gives better overall stats.
I don't agree with Occy is for the poor. Spirit > Occy, which puts it in a even worse position. Sure you lose 1 skill, but you have more FCR, FHR, vit, and no random teleport.
With current economy, Spirit is for the very poor:smiley:. Well, I was kind of joking. For end-game, Hoto and Eschuta are the only two choices I think, Spirit and Occy and both good choices before that.
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