Discussion Welcome to PureDiablo - Returning from Diablo Retirement for Diablo IV (also now D2R)


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Feb 24, 2021
Hey all,
glad to found this site. I am also planning to come back to the diablo series for IV. I was quite disappointed by III, mostly because there were no real builds and the overall simplification. I am so glad i read that they want to go another way now with DIV more oriented on DII.
I got hyped when i saw the rogue trailer and the comeback of pvp! I really hope they will implement this properly. For that reason i am looking for some people that are also interested in hardcore pvp to discuss and maybe form some alliance.

To myself, i started diablo with I back in the days (actually on playstation :D) but i was always playing it on casual level. Also DII I enjoyed very much but never played it excessively. With D3 and at the moment PoE i start to become more into these games and try to push myself a little bit further.

Looking forward to some nice conversations and speculations about DIV and of course, some great games whenever it will be published!

See you in hell guys!
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