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Mar 12, 2020
Hi everyone.

At the moment we have put in place a set of what we consider bare minimum forums. We will, of course, add specific forums if there is a demand for them. If there is a particular forum we need to add, please let us know in this thread. What we are avoiding trying to do is have a load of forums that won't be used. This applies to any Diablo game forums such as D2 or D3 specific such as trading etc.

Add your thoughts and suggestions here if you have any :)
I already have a request for a Single Player Trading Forum.

I suggest that it is best as a sub forum of the SPF. I don’t think we need an MP sub forum these days, we can handle it in the main forum.
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I already have a request for a Single Player Trading Forum.

I suggest that it is best as a sub forum of the SPF. I don’t think we need an MP sub forum these days, we can handle it in the main forum.

It is done!
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PMs appear as the little letter icon at the top by your name. To send a PM, click the person's name on the post then click Start Conversation.
PMs appear as the little letter icon at the top by your name. To send a PM, click the person's name on the post then click Start Conversation.
Thanks. I knew I was doing something stupid..
Didn't see the scroll bar. 👀
Someone on the other site suggested an SPF subforum for pat/mat threads. I think this sounds like a great idea, but it is fine with them mixed in as well, if there is a reason the subforum is not preferred.
I just meant I like the idea of pat/mat subforum, but if other people dont like it, it's absolutely no big deal to keep them mixed in with the regular threads.
I was also talking with another member who is concerned along with me about potentially losing the information forever from the previous forum we were on. Not sure how would be a good way to organize re-dumping that info onto purediablo. Is an SPF subforum of something like "old posts for preservation" a workable idea? This afternoon ive been spending a few hours pasting text from posts i've liked into google docs and can't say i regret it 😅
Concerned member here :D

The way I see it there are a few different major categories of threads/posts to be saved (that haven't been saved by the mods/admins already):
  • Mat/Pat Threads + Mat/Pat Compendium
  • Tournament Threads + Tournament Listing
  • Guides as well as the Hall of Records
  • Random posts with useful information that don't warrant their own thread
The big ones are technically easier to do because a few dedicated people already did all the work of collecting the relevant posts (tournament list and mat/pat compendium by @Pb_pal, SPF links thread by the mods), just have a moderator or the original poster edit the post and copy the message over to the new forum. (well, easy in theory, still lots of work in practice :confused:)
The random posts are much more annoying because they are often part of short conversations or standalone posts in a large thread like the old 'Anything Goes D2 Lounge'. Those can easily slip through the cracks if nobody remembers them.

I'm currently combing through my old posts in the Lounge in an attempt to sort through what to save and I'm finding myself leaving a lot of stuff by the wayside. But there are certain things that aren't available anywhere else on the internet, like this conversation where fruit and I talk about the exact mechanics of gold drops. (yeah I know, it's a tad specific :p)

There is a wealth of interesting posts on game mechanics by inactive members like RTB, Thrugg and fruit that would be lost if we don't migrate it. For posts by such long inactive members (or those who are still in touch and give consent; already asked fruit, answer pending) I want to create a sort of 'Wisdom of the Ancients' type thread where we collect their posts either as screenshots or just as texts. The first post would act as an index.

Active members could repost their content in this thread as well and it would be linked in the start post. Of course not everyone is in the mood of finding (old forum search is broken) and then copying their old content so that's a different can of worms.

It would be cool if all of this info from single posts was ordered and added to the corresponding guides in the future but that is a differnt story, this is about collecting info for the time being.

Sorry for the thread hijack, to keep it slightly on-topic: Maybe we could dump all of these posts/copy&pastes in a separate subforum until a thread is ready to consolidate them. In other forums (not necessarily D2 related) there are special subforums were people can 'test' post guides and other big posts. Basically it would be giving everyone a place to post all of their stuff (whether new or old) even if it's unfinished.
I've noticed that there is a post limit of 10000 characters. That seems like a lot, but some posts can be quite lengthy. I dunno how difficult it would be to expand that?

For reference, I just posted the Price Check guide in the Trade Forum, and it is right at the limit. :(
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There are 2 things I find a bit annoying. The top menu transparency when scrolling down and text selection not having highlighting. :rolleyes:
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Will up the limit on characters guys. Will look at transparency also. Text selection is a weird one and will take a look.

Update: All should be fixed up :)
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Minor bug.

I often browse the site on mobile. And noticed that the new forum has thick borders that squeeze the text a bit too tight.

For reference, there is a line break after the words 'to this level of' in the @Luhkoh's reply above.

Suggestion would be to remove x-borders on mobile view.

Slightly less minor bug.

The body of the forum scales down to mobile size correctly, but the header bar does not.

When fully zoomed out it on mobile, it looks like below.
Notice that far right buttons are still not visible and require horizontal scrolling to see.

Ill save the hellos and thanks for @Kitteh's re-intro thread later tonight.
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@Gynli it's the same if you use the desktop version on a not fully expanded window. When I browse at work I usually have two side by side Chrome windows on the same monitor and this is the result:
Screen Shot 2020-03-17 at 8.52.17.png
@Rush - I'll second Luhkoh's praise on your quick responses! Take it easy. There are many more members to come.. need to pace yourself! ;)

Also, so it doesn't sound all negative in here. I think we should post the things we do like about the new site.
1. Color scheme + Borders - feel much more D2-like
2. Account Profiles - looks much easier to find your content, add more to your profile, and love the sigs! :love:
3. Post features - liking the new stuff, more emojis, in-line spoilers + in-line code

Fantastic job!
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@D2DC I second all of those, btw! Just trying to help get everything working properly :)
Also another subforum suggestion is for guides. I know I'm hoping/expecting some of the rejoining members to repost their excellent guides and it might be nice to have a place where they just flood in. But just the title tags that were used before would work too. Any thoughts?
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