weird\crazy\lame build


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Nov 19, 2006
weird\crazy\lame build

well... i wanna try build that gonna be a:
pvp+pvm+uber smiter paladin
so thought about this:
griswold set:
weapon 2 bers 2 ohms (extra 40 cb extra 100 ed)
armor 3 bers (24 dr)
helm 1 ber 1 um (extra 8 dr extra 15 all res)
shield 3 ums (extra 66 all res, total all res: 111)
gore (15 cb)
highlord (1 all sk 20 ias)
dracul (ll, life tap)
raven (cbf, dex\ar)
bk (1 all sk, ll)
verdungo (15 dr)
pala combat\offensive sk
scs life\res
on switch cta or life tap wand or weapon against PIs

so u gonna have:
max res 50% cb 47% dr and nice extra set bonus:
+3 To Paladin Skill Levels
+30% Faster Hit Recovery
+200 To Attack Rating
+20 To Strength
+30 To Dexterity
+150 To Life
All Resistances +50
Display Aura
+2 To Combat Skills (Paladin Only)
+2 To Offensive Auras (Paladin Only)
+20 To Strength
+2 To Defensive Aura Skills (Paladin Only

20 zeal
20 sacrifice
20 fanat
20 holy shield
10 charge
10 defiance
(u have to be lvl 89 to finish this build)

its the only set that has sox on items already so u can use this set nice
ofcourse this set is kinda expensive(talking about the 8 hrs,4 ums and the other items) and u probably not gonna be able to resell it, i also dunno if u gonna have enough dmg cuz i have no idea how its gonna work with zeal\smite.

anywayz i talked with some friends, some says its not gonna work, some says it might work etc...
so if some1 is crazy or\and rich enough or just maybe bored and about to quit of diablo he can try this weird\crazy\lame build... go ahead =)

please dont leave comments like:
wow what a noob who would spend so many good runes on this s***
or like your english sucks (ya im not from usa\england\whatever u probably noticed that ><" :rolleyes: )

i dunno why but i find a nice build cuz of the extra bonus(the set)
u get nice +skills and such...

anywayz bye =\

don't flame me please :smiley: :laugh: :cry:
People have their opinons, and for as many hr as you'll be using it better work. The main argument will be you don't have grief, exile, coh/fort, or all the other cookie cutter gear.

But you will have the display aura, which pretty unique. 'Specially for a smiter pally.
k np
btw the display aura works on meph uber?

The display aura does nothing except make you look fancy.

As for your build:

I'd go with 2 Lo runes instead of Ohms in the weapon. It will work out to be doing more damage, since you'll be hitting for DS more often (~85% as opposed to ~45%). Deadly Strike rocks. Still keep the 2 Ber runes in there.

1 point only in Charge is enough. You'll find that you'll only be using it as transport, not for killing things. Zeal will do more damage anyway. Your math with the skill numbers is a little off, you'd need to be at level 94+ to finish. You're right about extra skill points going to Defiance, if that's what you want to do.

You seem to have forgotten Cleansing, Redemption, Salvation and Vigor. They're all worth 1 point, no more, no less. Salvation especially, it can save your life when fighting uber Mephisto.

That BK ring can be swapped for a rare AR/resist/leech/life mod ring if you ever find a good one. Most half-decent rare rings beat BK on a Zealot, especially if it's sporting 100+AR.

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