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Weekly banana thread?


New member
Apr 30, 2004
Weekly banana thread?

Hey guys. Should we have a weekly banana thread for people who want to just post whats up in the world. D2 or RL. For new members to have the chance to get trusted on here so they can have access in the banana channel.


To bring life back into this forum?

If you think so give me some things you think I should start off each thread with.
"For new members to have the chance to get trusted on here so they can have access in the banana channel."

I'm a noob with some skill and I'm looking to find some people I can trust that will help me learn the ropes without having to worry about the untrustworthy. I'm having a hard time getting over the learning curve using the forum(s), trading and otherwise, and trading and stuff and could use some help.
If no please tell me why.
It wasn't me.:innocent: While I've given up HC (almost) and have never been much of a participant here, I still visit this place almost every day. I think it's a great :idea: .
If no please tell me why.

But what if they want to be anonymous jackasses!??!!?!11

@Gorgon, Welcome, NOOB!
This I can tell you... trading in the standard sense is pretty much dead. Most of the trades done now are through this website, through another d2 website whose link just shouldn't be posted here. Or in any other forum for that matter, because it's against the rules!

That, or they'll trade with friends. LOL I know, Banana'ers have friends, I was shocked too!!
Lmao way to go relativity. I Caught that :F.

Meh any ideas on how to start each thread? Or just kinda be random?
Sounds like a good way to waste a lot of time at work. I'm in.

If it's a holy mackarel which is the blasphemous fish?
I'd personally go with a blowfish, but I'd like your opinions.

Heading back to spend a couple weeks with old friends tonight along with the lady, so I won't be on as regularly, but trust me, you shall feel my saucy and witty wrath.

It's an excellent idea I think. Might even give me an opportunity to "keep up" with thats going on these days.

It will definitely need to include Diablo 2 related stuff though. Recent duels maybe? (Barry would enjoy that), What level StaticArray is, that sort of thing maybe?

OMFG we got a cowboys fan here?
Hey without texas...

I dunno...but hush!~
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