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Sep 13, 2008

Not really looking forward to the storm in the morning, the weather forecast is rather hideous for the area. I think its the same one that caused all the poor weather a few days ago out west. I rather enjoy snow, but I tend to dislike all the cleanup and bother created by it. And the first decent storm is usually far worse as some people didn't remember the lessons learned from the previous year.

RL: Deal with the aforementioned weather. Work, all the usual stuff. Went to go skate yesterday, but it turns out my old skates have finally given up. Need to get new skates, but I'm guessing not tomorrow.

D2: Sure, not like I can do much else except shovel.

Have a good day everyone.

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Re: Wednesdaily

No snow yesterday. Boo.

RL: It's been a while since I last skipped out on sleeping, but I doubt even that'll be enough this time around. If you're wondering why I'm here, and not working, Word/PowerPoint have stopped functioning on me (at least Access is still working), so I'm fetching OpenOffice as the temporary solution.

D2: PvP really threw off my schedule, but I doubt I would've spent that time productively anyway.

OVG: Negative.

CM: Beating me to the daily?! :whistling:
Re: Wednesdaily

RL: Last night was an evening of BSoDs on my 'working' computer. Still recovering from staying up all night with the boys and then shopping all day yesterday with the lady. Got an awesome, if a little expensive, Freddy Kruger costume for my 1980s-theme Xmas work party. If the PC still messes up, I'll be watching DVDs all day, starting with Max Manus: Man of War.

D2: See above.

OVG: Unfortunately, see above.
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RL: About to go to sleep. Its 3 AM in the morning here. Very tired, "Yawn"

D2: Yep, just took my newly acquired .09 RC to a spin. Its a MAD weapon. Seriously, i ran around act 3 "farming" as much flayers as i could, then i let loose the MAD bow. Nothing more enjoyable than seeing hordes of flayers dropping dead before they reach you. I never knew A3 could be this much fun. WOW
Re: Wednesdaily

If the PC still messes up, I'll be watching DVDs all day, starting with Max Manus: Man of War.

Wow, you are going to watch a norwegian blockbuster:) I didn`t even know that it was available abroad. It was a huge success here, of course, but that doesn`t really say that it will work in the UK or USA (especially there:)) where budgets for making movies like this are much bigger.

RL: Work, libanese food, movie. Standard stuff. Probably going to watch El laberinto del fauno again, that movie is simply beautifully directed, cut and produced.

D2: Took my singer to act1 Hell yesterday, and will continue a little bit today. He is seriously underleveled, so he will stay in the pits for a long time. I built him with the prospect of him being a decent pit runner, but I can`t imagine how I`m supposed to run anything with his pityful damage.

Re: Wednesdaily

RL: About to go to sleep. Its 3 AM in the morning here. Very tired, "Yawn"

D2: Yep, just took my newly acquired .09 RC to a spin. Its a MAD weapon. Seriously, i ran around act 3 "farming" as much flayers as i could, then i let loose the MAD bow. Nothing more enjoyable than seeing hordes of flayers dropping dead before they reach you. I never knew A3 could be this much fun. WOW

Yeah, it's super fun, isn't it? :D The hilarity continues till Act V if you have an Enchantress to MP with.

RL: It's snowing a little bit, which is annoying me. I'm considering eating something other than instant noodles/pizza/mac and cheese/paste/cereal today. My first exam is tomorrow. :coffee:

D2: No. Must self-restrain today and not slack off. This means signing out of after this post. :p

Re: Wednesdaily

RL: Great day ahead, I expect. Reading some Mark Twain classics instead of doing my schoolwork. Might sing 'Gone to Carolina in My Mind' for art appreciation this afternoon. Subway after school with some friends, followed by an evening on the town.

D2: Probably. Been enjoying playing an untwinked fireblast-only assassin.

OVG: Maybe some I-Ninja if the mood strikes me. Easy game, but it appeals to me for some reason.
Re: Wednesdaily

RL: Snow storm rolled through last night. 8 o'clock finals are canceled today, but I didn't have one anyways. I'll be going in to school later to do some work and hand in a few things. Other than that, not much is lined up for today other than studying. I've got a Chemistry final and a Computer Science final tomorrow I need to prepare for.

D2: I'll have time to pick it up again soon if I feel the itch...

OVG: Maybe.
Re: Wednesdaily

RL: Two finals, back to back today... no rain. Should get some work done.

D2: Necro finished Act I Hell, only the assassin and the Druid to go. I'm not worried about the assassin. She cleared all the way to countess without a scratch. I'll finish her up tonight and start in on the Druid Thursday. Paladin still needs to kill Andy, but a 4sock Kurast Shield dropped, so I can re-outfit him with more resists than the Rhyme gives him.
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@Thomh: It was recommended to me by my tattooist, and I saw it as part of a special offer in the foreign cinema section the my main DVD shop in the next town. I enjoy foreign cinema. I thought it was a great film, very well made and acted, and I shed a tear at the end when the film said what happened to everyone, and showed pictures of the real heroes of history. The only time I was a little confused was, as a monolinguist myself, when people switched between Norwegian and German tongue, there was no change or clue in the subtitles.

My nap got extended slightly, I hope everyone is having fun being awesome today.
Re: Wednesdaily

RL: Have to get stuff ready for my trip tomorrow and Friday up north. Glad I'm not driving that way today, I just hope they get the plows running by tomorrow.

D2: Sitting at Meph death #2925 and still no skullders or occy. He's taunting me now, I know it.
Re: Wednesdaily

RL: A couple more posts to do in an online course and I'm all done for the semester :dance:. I did find out, however, that all the papers I've been writing are for naught. There are 10 weekly papers, so I wrote all without really checking the syllabus (I mean, they're in the folder with the other work, I should just write them, right?), then I come to find out today, as I'm going to turn them in, that I only had to pick *ONE*! At least I can really fine tune one of those bad boys, but all that lost D2 time :(.

D2: I'll probably continue on with my Fishyzon. I think I'm gonna get her to Baal, then rush a set of toons with my sorc and have them chill in town when the zon kills the Lord of Destruction himself. Repeat with NM, of course. I'll probably do this for each new toon from now on to get a little rune wealth.

OVG: Dragon Age: Origins (from now on referred to DA:O). I have to play on my brother's computer right now, but I picked the game up for $29 on sale (already!) and it is simply amazing.
Re: Wednesdaily

@mattinm: DA:O is amazing!
Re: Wednesdaily

I know the Thursdaily's up, but there's still seven hours of Wednesday left for me...

RL: Finished day three of the new work hours. It's getting slightly easier to deal with. The biggest challenge for me right now is that I'm not sleeping well, but tomorrow will be a different day since I think we're going to run out of work and they'll have us do some other, more boring, task. Oh joy.

Had as good a visit with the GF as I could on the night of my birthday. I was bummed for sure like I always am on my b-day, but she was really sweet and gave me a cool necklace (she's exchanging at this very minute because it was almost a choker). Can't wait to have it.

And I finally got around to trying out the "fixed" gaming rig before work this morning. It's "fixed." ...And by that I mean of both the problems I asked the guy to make go away (game freezing/BSOD and very low audio), neither issue was remedied. So he's coming to my place tomorrow to see my problems first-hand. And that means I gotta clean my apartment tonight. With the exception of my GF, I'm not uber pleased with much right now. At least I don't have to deal with snow storms.

D2: Because I can't play my new game (grr), I may as well install D2 on the new rig. I'll probably play to test if it causes a freeze, too, but since it's so old and probably doesn't demand nearly as much from my system as a current game I doubt it will. Whatever... I need something to distract me.
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So when you say it's fixed, it's not. Being drunk makes sarcasm a lot harder to understand. I'm sure you don't *have* to clean your apartment just for this fellow, but any excuse is a good excuse. I fixed my BSoDs, but am a little bored of all my games. Listened to any of that D&B I suggested?
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Yeah, I forgot to mention I listened to the Gemini Principle yesterday. It sounds nice and there's some real creative touches mixed in there. I kind of think the album, but especially each individual song, suffers from too much sameness; you get 1.5 minutes in, and that's the same rigid beat you're gonna hear the rest of the song. But while I truly hate that kind of thing in uber rough D&B, in this album it's not such a bad thing. I know there's at least one or two tracks on there that will get some serious attention in the future, and that's after listening to it only once.

I know I've mentioned it before, but if you're in the mood for beautiful and haven't yet found it, you have to have The Art of Noise's album called The Drum and Bass Collection. When it comes to "ambient" drum and bass, it's the best I've ever heard.

And yeah, I DO need to clean. ...Well, I did the majority of it already. It wasn't gross per say, but things were approaching funky in places. But there's some more to do. Gotta find some dinner soon, though. I'm watching Man vs. Food and I'm getting hongry.
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