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Dec 26, 2007

RL: I've been unemployed for 6 months now and every day I still looking and applying for everything I can find and meet the requirements of but still nothing more but no for an answer. This really start to get to me and the feeling of hopeless starting to root. I know I have to keep fightning but one does not have unlimited strength.

I have thoughts of starting my own company but does not yet if I would manage.

D2: Brought my new sorceress to act 2 normal. Really nice when you twink her up with 2x 35MPK/FCR rings...
Re: Wednesdaily

Good luck with that, Bassen. It's a bloody pain to find a job with the current financial situation. I'm facing the same problem soon myself. :/

RL: Still working at my current employer, though. Hard.

D2: What is this?
Re: Wednesdaily

RL: Finished day three at work. GF was in a good mood, so it helped move the night along. Plus, what with tomorrow being Thanksgiving I'll have Thursday off, so tonight will be my last night of the week! Yay.

Although I'm not doing a Thanksgiving meal with the GF, I will be headed to her place tomorrow night. She put me in charge of buying ingredients for dinner... and I'm drawing a complete blank. I'll go out later so I can combine grocery shopping with cigarettes & beer plus paying rent. Otherwise, it'll be a chill morning. ...Literally. It's pretty cold out.

D2: Took the new Teslafroster somewhere into ActI NM yesterday. Said it before and I'll say it again: I hate Zeal. I ended up putting a Baesil's Vortex on him so he has some range to work with instead of doing a slow Zeal-lock attack. Seriously, why do you do all five attacks if you can't reach on the first one?!?

OVG: The SDA tourney has been updated, so maybe I'll try the new game called Ganbare Natsuki-san. Supposedly it's about grappling hooks. :shrug: It's more likely that I'll play through Streets of Rage Remake again, though. Apparently I'm in the mood to bust some skulls. :D
Re: Wednesdaily

@Bassen Stick with it. You'll find a job soon enough.

RL: Getting on a plane soon. Going to a warm place for a couple of days for the annual hang out with the family. Play golf, eat turkey, the usual.

D2: Nope. Not until next week.

OVG: None of them either.
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RL: Leaving this morning for my sister's place near San Fransisco. Should be a fun Thanksgiving.

D2: Started act V NM with my sorc, but she's having a bit of trouble with the spears, arrows and quills sent her way. Dropping the player setting gets her to kill quick though, so she'll make it.
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[highlight]Happy birthday Ashmer![/highlight] :balloons:

RL: Off this week so I'm playing games, tidying the house etc. Mainly the former, I grant you. It's REALLY windy outside. Just like a gale. Ew.

D2: Did a little LK. Also pushing my pally in Act 5 normal. My plan is to finally use the Beast or Grief (I can't find my build notes at the moment). :D I really should push Atil to 98 too.

OVG: Already re-designed two bases in CoX. Just the individual rooms to funkify now. :D Tried a little DDO. Bit claustrophobic.
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@CM: May I ask why you have been in Trondheim? I actually don`t live there anymore as I moved to Oslo about 8 months ago, but it will always be "home" after I lived there for ten years. You are right about the prices, though. Norway is expensive, and I will actually save quite a bit by going abroad for 6 months.

RL: Not much to do at work. My master students are really, really busy putting the finishing touch on their thesis, but they don`t bother me much. Seems like the only thing remaining is to get everything to work in LaTeX. We don`t celebrate Thanksgiving here (at least not at this time of the year), so it will be business as usual tonight.

D2: Hopefully Guardian my Orbitaller today.
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RL: Headache !! Certainly 20+ hours of watching dragonball in two days took it's tool. Must heal myself. And exams are starting. I think I might warm my chair a bit :)

D2: Possible couple of LK runs and things mixed up. If possible catch a MP action later this evening :)

Oh, and happy birthday Ashmer. All good to you :thumbup:
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Happy birthday, Ash! :party:
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@Bassen: Good luck with the Job thing. Are you in a field where you can do some contract work?

Happy B-day Ashmer.

RL: Sometimes I think RL isn't so RL. :banghead:

D2: My sorc made it to act 2 and picked up my first 2 S/U's both tc3. :whistling: Oh, and she's officially addicted to blue bottles. I should get her one of the little hard hats with the can holders on top so she can put them there.
Re: Wednesdaily

@ Ashmer - Happy birthday!

@ Bassen - best of luck, all you can do is keep fighting!

RL: french exam today went... not so good... Next (and last) one on friday. Its one that suits me better, essay questions and no grammar :)

D2: just did some 1.07 Blood Raven runs, highlight being a 19max dmg GC and another Guillames Face.

OVG: does fantasy premier league count? 2 more games of the gameweek this week, have chance to gain some ground on the leaders of my league. Tres excited :)
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@Bassen: Good luck with the Job thing. Are you in a field where you can do some contract work?

I don't think so. I'm a social scientist and the only thing could be starting my own company I think.

@ Ashmer - Congrats ^^

Re: Wednesdaily

@ Bassen - I'm in the same boat, my friend.

RL: Woke up, drove 45 minutes with my grandfather to pick up my dads truck, came home, received some bass strings from my mom, put on the bass strings, rocked out, talked to the GF.

Exciting day, no?

D2: Everytime I think about it, I think of...

the OVG's: I need to finish. HL2, HL2 ep 1 & 2, FFX, Elder Scrolls Oblivion & Solstheim. :badteeth:
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I turn 28 today, and for my birthday, I got a job. Its only a temp job, but I'm happy to have a job at all.

RL: Mike came to visit yesterday. Got to do more pack wars in MTG, and had a good time. Mike and Carolyn took both of my kids until Friday. I'm a little lost since I don't ever have a house without kids in it.

D2: Maybe some more HF rushing? Did decent with the last set of 12, and I can make a decent dent in the enigma project if I finish everyone I've got.

OVG: Onimusha Tactics on the GBA. I'm enjoying it.
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Happy B'Day Ashmer :wave:

RL: Just passing through (The forum, not real too I suppose)

D2: None for months. Slight temptation if it were not for..

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Happy Birthday Ashmer!

@Bassen: Keep your chin up. I've been unemployed since I finished Grad school in May of 2008. Hopeless feeling is like a warm blanket at present. At times I feel beyond hopeless. I just keep my mind occupied, my head held high, and try to focus on having some amount of fun every day (or at least a few beers every night). Things will work out sooner or later.

RL: Woke up, drove to Arkansas, checked into the hotel.

Now waiting on Mominem to come pick me up and take me somewhere. Meh.

D2: perhaps later, but who knows.
Re: Wednesdaily

RL: Went to martial arts after a few day break.

D2: Played quite abit today. HC MP with Dune, Eddie, and Dune's friend.

OVG: Beat HL2, and advanced level 16 in Portal.
Re: Wednesdaily

RL: Day off school today, relaxed... took a nap, played a lot of piano, overall not a bad day. I'm considering fasting for the rest of tonight and tomorrow for turkey.

D2: Got my no vitality strafer up to outer cloister, still all P8, but its already terrifying. Might keep working on that tonight, or start up a new MFer since I currently don't have one since my comp crashed, thinking blizzsorc.

OVG: no other video games in my life...
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