Weapon graphics site?


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Jan 7, 2009
Weapon graphics site?

Hey, unusual request... If I search, I can find a website that shows me images of the different armor types on each character. Useful site for picking aesthetically pleasing armor types.

I'm looking for something similar with weapons. I don't need all 7 classes, but I'm hoping to find some images of what the weapon looks like when held by a character. Yes, I could load the game and get my hands on the type of weapon I want to look at, but I've done that before, and my memory is terrible, so I'm really hoping there's a website with those pictures. Anybody ever heard of such a thing?

Alternatively, if somebody wants to show me a few pics of 2-handed axes and say "This image is _______, ________, and _________," that would work too. The other items I want to look at can wait. Or hell... If somebody can even say "Elite items always look the same (in game, not just the paper doll) as their normal item counterparts," that would make my life easier.

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Re: Weapon graphics site?

Elite and exceptional items have the exact same in-game appearance as their normal counterparts. Of course, some items have hidden properties that affect the in-game color (compare Peasant Crown to Harlequin Crest), but beyond this color shift, they're identical.
Re: Weapon graphics site?

Not related to weapons, but on this site you can see the back of your chars too.

Normally I wouldn't have posted this, but I replied too quickly without reading.
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Re: Weapon graphics site?


Thanks moocow for this site, Ive been looking for this also
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