weapon choice ww


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Dec 7, 2009
weapon choice ww

I'm making my first ww barbarian, and decided to make the easy runeword Obedience (HelKoThulEthFal) for him.

But I can't decide which weapon to use it in- between:

Great Poleaxe
46-127 Damage
55 Durability
Str Req: 179
Dex Req: 99
Item Level: 73
Clvl Req: 63
Weapon Speed: 0


Giant Thresher
40-114 Damage
55 Durability
Str Req: 188
Dex Req: 140
Item Level: 76
Clvl Req: 68
Weapon Speed: -10

The range is 5 for both but the weapon speed and damage and dexterity requirment differs....

What would u choose...
Re: weapon choice ww

have a look at a cryptic axe for an Obedience.

But that one doesn't seem good at all with its slow attack speed and bad range?
Re: weapon choice ww

Cryptic axe has the highest average damage per blow, but it's slow, as you said. The difference between range 4 and 5 isn't crucial.

Regardless, I would not make obedience in a cryptic axe, as it doesn't have a great damage/s. Between the Great Poleaxe and the Giant Thresher, it's hard to say. They're close.

All of the below will be considering damage from Obedience (+370%ed):
Cryptic Axe: 12fpa (2 attacks/s) = 860.1dmg/s
Great Poleaxe: 10fpa (2.5 attacks/s) = 1016.375dmg/s
Giant Thresher: 8fpa (3.1 attacks/s) = 1121.89dmg/s

As such, the higher damage/s output is the Giant Thresher, but personally I don't know if it's worth the extra dexterity. Those extra points in strength may very well tip the damage/s scale towards the Great Poleaxe, depending on how you spend your stat points. The extra attack rating you get from dexterity won't be too crucial considering there's the level 21 enchant from obedience going off relatively often.

As such, both are great choices. The Giant Thresher may give you slightly more damage, but the Great Poleaxe won't be far behind, especially if you put the saved attribute points in strength instead of dexterity.
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