Way to boost resists on cl/fo sorc?


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Sep 15, 2006
Way to boost resists on cl/fo sorc?

How can i get my resists to be at least like 50 in hell? Currently i have uquipped shako, some +2 light mod ammy with resists, chancies, travs, skullders(switching to tals arm), occy, tals belt and spirit.. What could i do to get my resists even higher, without using a anni or storch? Are there any possiblities??

Edit: This is not my sorc, a friends, just want to know how i can make it so he doesnt die as much..
You could switch skullder's for a Smoke r/w. I had almost exactly that setup with my CL/Orb back in the day (except Lidless instead of Spirit).

Not sure what Rings you're using, but you can get nice resists there. Same goes for the Ammy.

Charms are another good way of getting those resists up. 5-10 res single resist small charms are great, and you should find them all the time if you ID every charm.

Why is your friend dying? I survived just fine with almost no resists in Hell. I believe my resists were -6/20/10/10 (or near there), with 1100 life and 3% block and I had absolutely no trouble at all surviving. The only time I ever died was when I got sloppy... but that's just my experience.
hmmm a possiblity could be that he doesnt have that much life around 900 or something, he has to lvl up a bit and get some better stuff, thanks for the input will try to get some of the things.
What is that smoke r/w u mentioned?
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