wats best overall barb WW build


Oct 23, 2004
wats best overall barb WW build

I'm thinking about a barb WW but i can't decide what to make. should i go for 2 handed sword or 1 hand sword and SS or polearm, or spear, or axe. whats the best weapon for a WW barb. I'm looking for a barb that can duel any kinda build out there if you have skill.

Also, is maxing out iron skin the best choice and using dual angelic rings best?

somebody plz help me. I'm trying to make a good barb that can duel almost all class.

btw is enigma better or coh better if i don't use teleport on enigma.

thank, plz reply
For me melee pvp, you'll need a shield. Similarly, against casters, you're better off dual wielding something like BotD/Beast or BotD/Wizardspike or such mods and extra hits. Axes are far and away the best 1h weapons around, so go with those.

Ironskin is the best place for leftover points, and yes, you'll need angelics in melee. Against casters you'd be better off with something like highlord's, a raven, and a carrion or such.

Enigma is the best armor for dueling casters, since the teleport helps out a lot. Otherwise, Duress is a really great armor, thanks to the open wounds.

okay this is what i'm thinking so far
max WW, max axe mastery, max shout, max battle order, max iron skin, 1 point into natural resistance, increased stamina, increased speed.

For weapon i use botd zerker axe(or eth death cleaver if i could get one)
for shield i use SS
for armor i use enigma or duress or maybe stone?(for the extra def?)
Helm is arreat
belt is dungo
gloves are rends
and so forth
i need input on charms

Does this seem to be the most popular barb build and also most efficient. I'm thinking about using this barb for dueling caster as well as other melee.

Let me know what you think.

Also, what seems to be the most popular barb build out there for pvp? For the top barb players out there, how do they build their barb.
mate barbs are simple, equip is a no brainer! but the thing about barbs(and the reason why i like them best) is the fact that your baba is good as much as your finger and your imagination is. everyone knows what dod, tele-dod, leap are, but what seperates the rest from the best is:
1.) practise(and when you've done that :uhhuh: )
2.) imagination

as for your questions: get as many max/ar/life sc's as you can(watch it, they will be more expensive than that 'godly' ebotd/enigma u have) - my advice is: dont make a barb unless you are willing to put your time(and i mean big time) and funds into him. you can start by getting a nice anni though :thumbsup:

if you wanna be able to duel versatile chars you should consider inc. resistances after iron skin(not more than few points though) - those elementalists can hurt.

good luck
interesting. i might start first with life charms and build up later. i think. btw what is dod and tele-dod? what do they really stand for. i've checked out guides before but not sure what you mean by tele-dod.

lol i haven't played barb in a LONG time. played barb back in 1.09 like a year ago so i'm kinda fuzzy. so is enigma ALWAYS better than duress or stone or is duress or stone better for bvb or such.
what do you mean by mb held down. :) i need to know some aconyms :)

so i always WW in a triangle? for barbs vs barbs do i do the same?
yes, keep IR at 3-6 lvl with +skills(1 is a must though imo) and try to get +res on your charms(i like to stack :uhhuh: )

edit: mb=mousebutton
and thats when thing get interesting, dod or dod+conc or dod+zerk.............I LOVE BARBS!!! :clap:
So good natural resistence. btw do you guys use botd zerk with beast zerk or just a botd with SS or both with them in stash?
how do you dod +conc or zerk. do you just suddenly use conc instead of WW?

btw i'm on USWL :)
right now i'm still poor. around 7-8ist wealth. it should get me most of my equipment for now i guess. so how much dmg you guys do?
you should keep both in stash, ss for melee/BvB, beast for all the rest, also not a bad idea to have umed wizzy or silence ba(if your funds can handle it)
coa(ber+ber) is something u should think about also....
and then echoing spears, demon limb, maybe delirium in brb helm(i dont think i'll ever use those), and good weapon for switch :clap: another great thing bout barbs, widowmaker or dual lacerator or passion ba/butchers pupil to freek the kids with(OMG barb zeals!!!!!!!11111111111!!!!1) your choice.

man i wish my baba would get a merc mule-slave to carry all the stuff :lol:
interesting. you guys use ethereal death cleavers here instead of the botd zerker axe? i heard eth death cleaver is best.

with 7-8 ist i think i can get enigma with maybe 4 ist cheap and botd for like 3 ist maybe and the rest is just pretty cheap. charms will have to come way later :)

for gloves whats better, dracul or steelrends
rikstaker said:
You seem like a worthy opponent,you got a bvber on europe?


i'm building one right now, since i've deleted my last one/my first one since i wasnt happy with him, but ive mass tested things on open. i dont think im as good as you but ill do my best to give u hell :lol:
kakarot said:
i'm building one right now, since i've deleted my last one/my first one since i wasnt happy with him, but ive mass tested things on open. i dont think im as good as you but ill do my best to give u hell :lol:


I was looking for a reason to stick to europe & you gave me one.So I wont go anywhere.

Same with me,I dismantled mine too,atm I am busy with guide & will be a month or so before I get back in action,so you'll have plenty of time to practice. :evil: practice on Dahmer & if he gives you hell,you dont stand a chance against me.:strong:

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