USEast SOJ Counter


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Jul 18, 2003
USEast SOJ Counter

I was in a normal game, server 37, and the SOJ counter popped up at 4305. I got temp banned a couple times trying to make a Hell game on server 37, so I was just wondering if anyone had any luck.

I might give it a go again, but every time my girlfriend catches D2 open on my computer I get hell.
Diablo-2 is running on multiple servers. When you make a game, a server is chosen for that game.

A world event occurs in all hell games on a server. That's why people looking for Diablo Clones "think" in terms of servers.

"Server 37" is just a particular one of the servers in that realm.

PhatTrumpet: if just one SOJ counter message showed up it might just have been a random sell. It's no indication that the server was hot, or even close to getting hot.
PhatTrumpet said:
Yeah, I know how it works, you see it so rarely nowadays I just got a little excited.

Excited, eh? I can see why your gf is a little jealous. Maybe if she got to know D a little bit. You could have what every guys dream about... a threesome. You, your gf and diablo! :lol:
server .38 walked last night I was on it idling, went out for 10 minutes. Got back and had dropped of course. Tried about a 100 games never found it again :( .

Oh well better luck someother time, heard somewhere that one server/night is popped by a teamm called "Alliance" have no further info on them. It's all about luck these days.
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