Upping Question......


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Nov 21, 2003
Upping Question......

I have recently been shopping lazar for a 100 life armor to socket for my 27 charger pally...well I found a gothic plate with 100 life, but it has a lvl restriction of 37...now there is no base lvl req for gothic plates and if I upped it, it would become a embossed plate which has a base lvl restriction of 25....is there any chance that if I upped this armor the lvl restric would actually go down? Thanks for any replies
ahh, I didnt know that....what is the most life I can have and keep the 25 level req? I found a 40 to life chaos armor with 318 def and was still lvl 25? Any ideas?
Thank you for the info
I thought about that after, lol...I guess I was hoping I could just use the rare recipe or soemthing,,there isnt a forumula for shields either but you can the armor one so I was hoping I could do the same thing with the armor, hah...guess it doesnt matter anyways I will stick with my 40 to life chaos armor
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