Upping Circlets?


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May 3, 2004
Upping Circlets?

I was wondering if (and how) upping of circlets works.

On arreat's summit I read that it's possible to up a Kira's (Tiara) so it would become a Diadem, but I can't find what item grade the other circlets are, or what their upgrade "path" would be.

Am I correct to understand it's:
Coronet(normal) -> Tiara(exceptional) -> Diadem(elite)?

But what of Circlet's then?

And just to confirm: Can I upgrade a magical Tiara to Diadem?

Thanks for any answers in advance.
Re: Upping Circlets?

I don't believe you can upgrade magical (blue) armors using the horadric cube, just the unique (gold) and rare (yellow).

To add to that, there really isn't a point in upgrading coronets/tiaras/diadems because all you'd really be changing is the base defense:

coronet: 30-40
tiara: 40-50
diadem: 50-60

which in the long run really isn't that much at all.
Re: Upping Circlets?

Well upping is simply for style points. Diadem > Tiara in style points. But magical is a no now then... That's too bad.
Re: Upping Circlets?

Circlet and Coronet upgrade to Tiara, Tiara upgrades to Diadem.
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