Update to FAQ stickied, please read and comment!!


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Jun 22, 2003
Update to FAQ stickied, please read and comment!!

A long, long time ago, in a land far, far... oh wait...

Relativity was kind enough to give the FAQ a major make-over quite a long time ago. I have finally reviewed it and have posted it for comments, stickied at the top of the forum. Please read through it and post corrections and comments as applicable. When I feel it's "done" I'll repost it as a final version.

Many thanks to Relativity for all the hard work and patience waiting forever for me to finally post this.
I think it's a great update; it was greatly needed since the game's changed so much. One suggestion is to warn that op xbananax, although a great place, can have its share of bad apples. Perhaps also a warning against begging too... There have been posts recently about people getting screwed over in the channel, so maybe just a little asterix warning people.
demandred was in bm

Is that a question or a statement? I think most people that know who Demandred is also know that he ran with BM for a time (at least I assumed most people that knew Dem knew that by now).

I removed a few moderately spammy replies to this thread, primarily because I don't want it to get into a hissing match over who was or is in BM. My official response to that is "who cares?".

As a side note, Demandred spent time with the cheaters of BM after he wrote the original FAQ. His membership in that charming little group has no bearing what so ever on the FAQ for this forum. Any subsequent posts to this thread about BM will be summarily deleted, so don't even get it started please.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!! :kiss:
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