Update: fartarian in act 4 hell

farting bob

Sep 16, 2003
Update: fartarian in act 4 hell

Yes, recently ive been solo'ing through hell with my fartarian (see sig for link) and so far my conquests are:
Hell andy without merc since he died ion abotu 3 seconds. so my main source of attack was gone, but i hung in there and slowly beat her to death.
Maggots lair only took about a hour, then after i killed coldworm my PC froze when loading arcane, and since i hadnt saved it, i had to redo the entire f***ing maggots lair. life is cruel.
Duriel was a breeze, my merc and my CB killed him ok, but getting to him took for ever. lots of phys immune ghosts in the tomb, and PI's take forever to kill (merc onyl does 40-100 fire dmg, so basically all the killing is up to me)
Act 3 was nasty, the jungles were a pain, but i quickly went through all the kurast areas, not doing full clears but killing everything on my way. the council were ok once i seperated the 3 leaders.
Durance 2 was quite possibly the longest area ive gone through, i must have covered 1 1/2 times the size of great marsh before i had found either the WP or lvl 3. eventually i got to him, and the council members were even more painful (one was phys immune, fire and light enchanted, and extra strong. ARGH!) but mephy was ok, his poison being the main problem for my merc, and i had brought a few antiodotes with me.
So now i stand in the fortress next to the guardian angel tyrael, planning my next 1000 kills. I dont like the early part of act 4, too open and prime for surroundings. the later part isnt too fun either (merc does not like OK's...)
start of act 4 hell
lvl 80 (near 81)
dmg about 400-520 total with frenzy.
Keep it up man. I still can't believe you have to patience to do this but more props to ya :thumbsup: . Oh and I am worried about chaos sanctuary for you, IM + dumb merc = merc death. Oh well good luck, I think you'll need it.
way to go bob :thumbsup:
goodluck with the last two acts
I know you started this a long time ago, then you droped out of site, so i am glad to see that you have continued this quest of the duel welding wirts leg barb. please keep us updated on you progress...
I admire your perseverance! It would appear everyone is checking out your Fartarian website ATM because geo****ties is telling me it's exceeded its data transfer limit for the hour, but IIRC he's a Frenzier dual-wielding Wirt's Legs, right (do correct me if I'm wrong)? If that's the case, then I take my hat off to you, dude. Way to play! :thumbsup:

Way to go, I can't believe the patience you have! Baal's gonna be fun! Just imagine trying to do DClone on b.net.
awesome work. You've got some balls to be getting all the way into act 4 hell! Best of luck on your way to killing Baal!
Zavior said:
For the glory of Wirth!

Ok I'm pretty sure you meant Wirt and just accidentally spelled it wrong, but that's my last name and when I read it I laughed so hard that I blew root beer out my nose. I'm not really sure why I thought it was so funny, maybe I just thought it was strange that I saw my last name on these forums. Oh well, good stuff :thumbsup: .
That's great work. You sure know how to play underpowered build. Look the positive side, you can pat this guy, you may pat almost all other build, plus, IM curse won't kill your build instantly.
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