Untwinked Druid builds


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Dec 13, 2006
Untwinked Druid builds

I'm looking for advice on what Druid build (if any) would be the best to play through the game untwinked. I was thinking maybe a Wind Druid, but are Werewolfs or Werebears more viable? I think I know that a summoning Druid would be out of the question, but seeing as I am relatively clueless about Druids, I am open for anything. Any advice or personal experiences are welcome.
Windy and pure-fury.... I don't see any other druid-builds where untwinked is viable.

I have only tried making a windy untwinked (SP) and that actually worked out pretty well, using only rares and crafted items. I have solo'ed the game with him, though it wasn't easy...
The melee druids should get you through Norm and NM untwinked and solo... but hell would be a pretty decent challenge w/o some major items and/or a good party to help out with the Physical Immunes (Rabies and Fireclaws can help with that too, but then you'd be spreading the skills a little thin)

It's been so long since I played this game though (just picked it up after 2 1/2 years of hiatus) so I'm kinda fuzzy on what works and what doesn't.
I play SP exclusiveley, and as for builds soloing the game untwinked, I would have to say pure fury. Just remember to always run around with a nice ball of feral spinning, and with that normal and hell shouldnt be a problem. For physical immunities, you can either hope for a good weapon to drop, of witch Nords Tenderiser could be relatively easily found off NM Meph if you are inclined to doing some magic finding, and gather all elemental damage charms and stock up. Remember the merc could be very helpfull in this department as well (maybe switch out for A3 merc for these "special" occasions, not sure how sturdy they are in hell though).
Some summons might be a good idea too, as skill points are not as restricted with pure fury, and any destraction to keep them off you will buy you the time to sum the situation up and choose appropriate action.
Use all you find, and remember not to neglect crafting for gear choices.
Your speed will slow down when you hit hell though, but it is manageable.

I must admit that I never made a windy, but I gather that they are pretty powerful and should go relativeley easily through the game.
fissure will take you most of the way through the game, volcano will take you the rest.
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