Unique List for Classic


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Sep 29, 2007
Unique List for Classic

Hey just wondering for rings if I remember right it's just the Nangel, Manald Heal, and SOJ. What Unique amulets are available? Also are all Exceptional and Normal Uniques available or are some not. Trying out classic for a change and just want to know so I can set stats appropriately
Re: Unique List for Classic

Off the top of my head : Mahim Oak, Eye of the Etlich and that amulet with 50% fire resist.

Only normal type Uniques available in Classic. (gold)
Only normal type(the whole set) Set items available in Classic. (green)
So all the items in the set have to be of the normal type, otherwise the set is not available.

Normal and Exceptional 'white', 'grey' and 'yellow' items available in Classic.
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