Unique (Boss) Monster Resistance Calculator


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Mar 13, 2020
LINK to calculator

Hello all,

I made calculator that computes the possible resistances and their likelihoods/distribution for unique monsters anywhere in the game. This was done in excel in hopes that it will make it easy for others to use. @art_vandelay made the exact same tool in python, and indeed we were working on these at the same time, and he even found a mistake in my code (which I fixed). I wanted to go ahead and post mine anyways, first in case people just want an excel version, but mainly because I plan to use the results of this calculator in a few simulators I plan to mess with in the future. Akin to my pitzerker simulator HERE.

I was sparse on the instructions and form control in it, so there will have to be some responsibility taken by the user to make it work properly. Just didn't feel like putting alot of effort into that. I'm also probably also going to make simulator parent thread so the links to the simulators and threads of supporting info will be accesible in one spot.

Hope everyone is doing well! Cheers 🍻.
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