Underpowered builds


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Jun 4, 2004
Underpowered builds

I was thinking of making an underpowered character, but couldn't think of one that would be a lot of fun and would stand a chance of being played more then once. Anybody got one that's fun to play?

Power really doesn't bug me. I'm one of the dying breed. Those with a bit of skill left in them for D2... So anything you had in mind, post it here and it will get thought about.

How about a Magic Arrow Amazon? You don't need arrows, or mana.
Is a cry barb considered under powered? I played one before, it's fun.

Can't really think of any others.
If you want an underpowered build, look through the tournaments. Most of them have underpowered builds that can do decently. As for fun, I thoroughly enjoyed playing my weaponless elemental MA assassin. I'm actually working on a build guide for it. And she's viable at least most of the way through NM. Got caught by a cursed serpent pack in Act 5 on the way to a tp though, so I can't say how much farther she could have made it, but she was fun while she lasted.
I, too, would recommend a Magic Arrow Amazon. Mine is in Act II, Hell and still very viable. It is essential to have a high-level Valk and a Might Merc!

The advantage of no "No mana, no arrows" is more significant than you might think. There is no "budgeting" of anything - so it is more fun to play. I have a Lvl 5 strafe which I only use when I need it and a lvl 1 GA -all other skill points are invested in the passive tree.

Also, a Fury Assassin/Shadow Assassin is a blast. In particular, I looove Cloak of Shadows.

Or blaze a new frontier ...with a Grim Ward Barb. Where no man has gone before...
Quickdeath said:
Or blaze a new frontier ...with a Grim Ward Barb. Where no man has gone before...

What about a Grim Ward Barbarian that uses those throwing potions. Don't think you'd get too far, but IMO, it'd be a blast to play.
Go for a melee sorc, using ES. look at the guide in the compendium, i havent tried it, but in theory its a very safe build and lots of fun.
Or, of course you can do a fartarian :D </shameless advertising>
Here are some additional thoughts for you:

The Assassin and the Necromancer both have diverse sets of skills that help to make underpowered characters work. Consider the Necro's curses as a base capability - decrepify, amp damage, dim vision, confuse, attract, etc. Those one point wonders represent a lot of capability that can save an otherwise underpowered build so if there are other Necro skills that appeal to you, you might be able to construct a viable build.

Same with Assassin; 1 point in Mind Blast and Cloak of Shadows can create a lot of crowd control and 4-5 points in BOS or Fade increases survivability against melee/physical and elemental attackers. So you can create a fun-to-play assassin with those as a base - just think about which attacks you want.

The Barb is always underpowered, it seems, and needs to be tightly constructed around a master plan for skill points and equipment. The singing Barb isn't as much as fun as the Assassin to play. Ditto for the Amazon, she's always underpowered (with the notable exception of the overpowered LF Amazon) and every decision on skill points, mercs and equipment is critical for success. A Tankazon wearing leather-only armor with a 2-H staff as a weapon has always sounded attractive to me. Or (my own idea) a Barb who must wear a different Set of equipment (Sigon's, Milabrega's, Tal Rasha's, etc.) for each of the 15 Acts and 3 Cow Farms that he plays.

The Sorceress is fun to play but is Synergy City. Choose a main Sorc skill and its synergies, budget your remaining skill points for a backup attack and/or defense skills and go play. I'm playing a Charged Boltress now according to the guide and its fun.

I hope this helps stimulate you. Let us know what you decide!
Might I suggest a Bowmancer Overlord? :D

Its what I'm playing right now in HC. I've taken a HC Bowmancer with only a Golem to Act 2 NM before in 1.09, but I died to an MSLE boss :(

It might not be that underpowered because of the skeletons, but it gives you something to do while the minions are tanking and dealing damage for you :D

Plus if you can get some crushing blow, you could be a nice damage dealer as well :drool:

The way I'm planning to do it is: low STR (52, to equip a Shadow Bow), high DEX (188+, again to equip a Shadow Bow), and the rest VIT.
Amiral said:
a two-handed paladin or martyr maybee? i'm making an 2-handed zealot right now, too bad you can't hit 4 fpa with 2-handed weps :rant:

4 fpa? :surprise: :fish: That´s just crazy.

I have to try a zealot sometime...

Here I go and think that my Tankazon´s 12 fpa Zweihander slashes is roXXor speed!
Try a Charge/Smite paladin! Run in the middle of the crowd, charge on eto death, and spread banging heads with your shield!

Or you could try a frost/fire druid. Or a poison amazon. Or a returnomancer (thorns, spirit of barbs, iron maiden, iron golem).

Really, the list could go on for hundreds of posts.
you should take a look at single tree builds I have a grail thread around somewhere discribing mine they are all turning out to be a fun challenge some are making nice headway into hell.
Quickdeath said:
I hope this helps stimulate you.

go for a meleemancer. you could go a physical skelliemancer or a phys golem lord. or an elemental version of skellies and golems. have a bow on switch for scary things and your away.
and of course one of the best and relatively easy to make weapons. even untwinked has ITD... gg crescent moon :lol:
I see a lot of mention of the necro summoner, but what about the druid summoner since we're going for underpowered. I'm currently playing a pure physical summoner druid, for the extra challenge. I am finding that he's more powerfull than I thought he'ld be in hell. Now if I could just find a lacerator...
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